The Dying Girl Arose


Sis. Dina Gultiano with daughter Janna. (Oct. 2010)

Sis. Dina Gultiano sings in the Jesus Finest Generation Choir of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. Together with her family, they serve the Lord faithfully. 

But in May 2010, a very difficult trial came to their life that Sis. Dina thought they could not make it through. But however hard it was, they held on to their faith more tightly than ever and trusted completely in the merciful God. 

Her 7-year old daughter, Janna, contracted measles and was sick for several days. Despite their fervent prayers, the girl’s condition worsened. She became motionless and could no longer open her eyes. 

Ever since Sis. Dina was saved in 1992, she embraced the teaching of the church that the Lord Jesus is the One who heals all our diseases, and thus, has learned not to rely on medicines and doctors. But her unsaved sister insisted that they bring Janna to the hospital if only to find out what was ailing her. Sis. Dina eventually relented. 

The first four hospitals that they went to didn’t want to admit Janna. When they went to the fifth hospital, they were given a referral to San Lazaro Hospital, a large government hospital.  

Janna was admitted in San Lazaro Hospital. The next day, she was comatose and didn’t make any movement at all. Oxygen was given her to help her breathe. After some tests were done, doctors found out that Janna had a viral infection in her brain. 

Janna in the hospital. Did not wake up for 4 days.


After five days in the hospital, the doctors admitted that there was no hope for Janna. They offered to put a tube in her lungs just to help her breathe easier (although the doctors said there’s no 100% assurance this could help her for long). Sis. Dina declined. But she continued to pray agonizingly that the Lord Jesus will heal her beloved daughter. 

By God’s mercy, Janna awoke from coma but she was still unmoving. On their fifth day in the hospital, a sister-in-Christ came to visit. She strongly reminded Sis. Dina to affirm her great faith to the Lord Jesus. She said that if the doctors could no longer do anything to help her, why not take her out, surrender everything to God, and trust completely in His power? Actually, this was exactly what Sis. Dina was waiting for: a strong reminder from a co-believer. Right then and there, she was strengthened and made a firm decision. They will leave the hospital the next day. 

Just looking at her daughter’s condition tore Sis. Dina’s heart to pieces. But she mustered all courage and put everything in Jesus’ hands. They left the hospital and headed for the fasting house in Sauyo, Novaliches, Quezon City, to seek for a miracle. (In the fasting house, praise and worship takes place early in the morning through early afternoon, then it resumes in the early evening until before midnight). 

At the Sauyo Fasting House. Janna was forced to be fed with soup.


For almost two months, they lived in the fasting house. Sis. Dina lovingly took care of her daughter. She called her daughter’s condition a “living corpse”. Her skin clung to her bones. There was almost no flesh left in her. Fasting brethren prayed over her and laid hands on her. 

Sis. Dina called her daughter's condition a "living corpse".


Around July, Janna was brought to the worship service in Amoranto Stadium and there she was laid hands on by the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda. Before this, her whole body was very painful that just a gentle touch made her wince. But after being laid hands on, the pain instantly left and she was able to move her legs, and then slowly including her body. 

Sept. 3, 2010: Janna arose and walked. Halleluia!

 September 3, 2010 was a day Sis. Dina will never forget – it was the day her beloved daughter arose and walked. The Lord Jesus has completely healed Janna! (At this point in Sis. Dina’s testimony in the pulpit, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and her body shook uncontrollably while uttering incomprehensible words of praise).

The healed Janna


At the Amoranto Stadium grounds...Janna plays again.


Halleluia! To God be the glory!


– Sis. Rina R. Peru


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