A Holdup Miracle


Sis. Sarah Matute testifying in the pulpit during JMCIM Sunday service, Oct. 31, 2010.

(This is just one among many testimonies in Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry of God’s deliverance in holdup or armed robbery incidents in public transport).

On October 30, 2010, at around 5am, Sis. Sarah Matute and her brother were traveling home in a passenger jeepney. They just came from the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry overnight worship service. They were traveling with other brethren from the church. They were heading to Fairview, Quezon City.

At Tandang Sora, two men flagged down the jeepney they were riding on. The driver told them that he wasn’t taking any more passengers, but the two men said that they will get down at Old Balara, which was just near from where they boarded the jeepney. 

A passenger jeepney. This kind of public utility vehicle is found all over the country.


 Sis. Sarah could hear her brother, who was sitting beside her, uttering “In Jesus’ name!” under his breath. She was really wondering why. (She didn’t know then that her brother had suspicions on the two men’s dark plan).

At Old Balara, the two men told the driver to stop. Sis. Sarah saw one of them taking out something from his pocket. She thought he was fishing for money to pay for their fare. But to Sis. Sarah’s great surprise, he took out a “balisong” (a sharp fan knife). Then they declared a holdup. Sis. Sarah and her brother, together with the other brethren in the jeepney, rebuked them by uttering “In Jesus’ name!” repeatedly. One of the men took Sis. Sarah’s paper bag and fled.

The one with the knife started stabbing Sis. Sarah at the same time pulling her shoulder bag. But Sis. Sarah resisted and all the more clutched her bag tightly to herself. The man was stabbing her at her left ribs and her left arm, but they continued to rebuke him in Jesus’ name. They saw that the lock of the holdupper’s knife wouldn’t open, after so many attempts. (The “balisong” is a fan knife that easily opens with just a slight movement of the hand upon unlocking it, but in this case, the Lord Jesus didn’t allow it to open!)

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper… This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord… (Isaiah 54:17)

The man suddenly realized that he wouldn’t prevail and he panicked. He told them he wouldn’t bother them anymore, then he fled as fast as he could.

Sis. Sarah didn’t hear what the holdupper was saying, (only her brother did, who told her when they arrived home), because she said she heard a multitude of angels praising! She said it wasn’t just a few, but a multitude, praising God!

At home, Sis. Sarah was thinking why she didn’t let go of her bag. When she looked inside, she saw her passport. (She was blessed to work in Canada and is leaving on December 27th). She knew  that if her passport was taken, with her working visa for Canada, it would pose a big problem. But the merciful and mighty God didn’t allow all that to happen!

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru


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