Exceeding Joy

Bro. Edgardo Dado at work in the machine shop inside the ship.

Bro. Edgardo Dado worked as a seaman. In mid-2009, he underwent a medical examination, and his X-ray result showed that he had “mediastinal widening”. The doctor explained that his lungs had expanded. To make sure what had caused it, Bro. Edgardo underwent a chest CT scan. The results showed that he had “aortic aneurysm” (AA). That is, the vein that supplies blood to his heart and brain had ballooned. The doctor said that if this blows up, he will die instantly. The doctor’s advice was immediate surgery. Bro. Edgardo and his wife, Sis. Jennifer, were told to prepare P750,000 (roughly $17,000) for the operation. This was in Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

To seek a second opinion, they went to Philippine Heart Center. They got the same advice: an immediate surgery. Dejected, they went home.

Sis. Jennifer asked for prayers from loved ones for her husband’s healing. Her brother, who is already a born-again Christian and serves the Lord in JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, told her that he had already started praying for her beloved husband’s healing, but advised her to attend the worship service of JMCIM and listen to numerous testimonies of God’s miraculous healing.

Bro. Edgardo and Sis. Jennifer readily agreed. When they entered one of the entrance gates of Amoranto Stadium where JMCIM worship service was held, Bro. Edgardo asked, “Are we already in heaven?” They saw the beloved brethren wearing white; the sisters wearing modest clothing showing a picture of holiness.

As she looked around and seeing the beloved brethren worshiping the Lord wholeheartedly, Sis. Jennifer couldn’t help crying. She prayed to the Lord, begged Him to heal her beloved husband and not allow the operation to push through, and vowed that she will serve Him. That night, Bro. Edgardo and Sis. Jennifer accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Still lacking in faith, Sis. Jennifer went on to prepare for her husband’s surgery. Bro. Edgardo underwent another CT scan to know the exact area of the operation. The procedure is called CT aortogram. The couple was ready for Bro. Edgardo’s operation. They went to PGH where the surgery will be performed. On their way, they dropped by at the doctor’s clinic to get the result of his CT aortogram. The doctor was surprised to see that the expansion on Bro. Edgardo’s vein decreased from 6.4cm to 4.7cm. He said that in that case, it is better to leave it untouched.

The doctor gave them a long list of what Bro. Edgardo should avoid. Most importantly, he was told that he cannot work as a seaman anymore.

The couple was so grateful to the Lord for His answer to their prayers. They accepted baptism in water in Jesus’ name.

Bro. Edgardo with beloved wife Sis. Jennifer.

Two months later, Bro. Edgardo desired to work again. And although it was against the doctor’s orders, the couple’s faith in the Lord Jesus strengthened them.

Bro. Edgardo underwent another medical exam, first of which was X-ray. His blood pressure was taken and it was high. Many times during the day, his BP was taken showing the same result. Meanwhile, Sis. Jennifer was at home on her knees begging the Lord to grant her beloved husband’s desire to work as a seaman again. She vowed that she will continue to serve Him no matter what His answer would be. Bro. Edgardo called up telling her that he only had one last time for his BP to be taken. And said that whatever the outcome will be, they will continue to serve the Lord faithfully.

Bro. Edgrado’s blood pressure became normal, his X-ray result was clear, and the doctor examining him declared that he is “fit to work”.

Bro. Edgardo went back working as a seaman. His wife, Sis. Jennifer, and their two children, continue to serve the Lord in JMCIM. They have received the Lord’s numerous blessings – healing, protection, and prosperity. In Sis. Jennifer’s words, “I have found exceeding joy!”

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru


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