Found at Last

Bel. Mamay Belen Aunor singing with a guitar during an overnight prayer meeting, Amoranto Stadium, March 2011.

Sis. Belen Aunor (or beloved “Mamay” Belen Aunor as she is fondly called in Church) has been joyfully serving the Lord in Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry for over two decades now. By God’s grace, her fervor in serving the Lord and doing His will has not waned through the years. But her life before she surrendered her life to the Lord wasn’t always filled with peace and joy and wellness. This is her story.

Beloved Mamay Belen is the aunt of Philippines so-called “Superstar” Ms. Nora Aunor. In fact, she was the guardian of the then-budding star Nora, and she stood as her mother and mentor. She was the one who enlisted Nora Aunor in Tawag ng Tanghalan, a singing contest on TV that launched many talents in the ’70’s that later on became big stars in the local entertainment industry. Ms. Nora Aunor was one of them.

Naturally, Mamay Belen (that’s how Nora calls her) shared in her niece’s success. She gained a lot of friends in showbusiness and tasted the bittersweet mixture of fame and material and financial prosperity. Her own daughter, Maribel “Lala” Aunor also entered showbusiness at that time, and a nephew (Nora’s brother).

But beloved Mamay Belen was suffering from bronchial asthma. Some of her loved ones, including her mother, died of this disease. At that time, her asthma attacks were frequent. She knew that she wouldn’t live long. 

So she went from one church to another, finding healing, and also peace and joy that she felt, deep in her heart, she was missing. But in all her efforts in finding healing and an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, she failed.

One day, she suffered another attack of her asthma. She was struggling so hard to breathe so they brought her to the hospital, but in the emergency room, she stopped breathing. She testifies that her soul left her lifeless body and she saw two ladies all dressed in white came to her and they brought her to heaven. She saw the magnificence of the place and the presence of the Lord, covered in bright shining light. She heard a voice say that she was going back to earth, her life is not over yet. But she pleaded to let her stay for her life on earth was hard. But the voice said that she still has something important to do.

After almost half an hour that beloved Mamay Belen had stopped breathing, she revived, her breathing went back to normal. And she lived.

In 1988, she saw the TV program of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry. She listened to the testimonies of healing, lives changed, and God’s deliverance. After watching the program, she felt a change within her: she felt lightness, peace, and gladness enveloped her whole being. She knew then that she had found what she had been looking for.

Beloved Mamay Belen attended the worship service of JMCIM and there she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name. Her asthma was instantly healed.

She surrendered her life to the Lord and continued to serve Him to this day. She built a chapel in her beloved husband’s home province of Pangasinan, and there, she works closely with workers of the Lord’s vineyard. At over eighty years of age, she is still active in going to different outreach stations, even as far as the USA. She sings in the Adults Choir, and offers songs of praise and thanksgiving every now and then with her own compositions while playing the guitar. 

Halleluia! To God be the glory! 

– Sis. Rina Peru


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