Mercifully Healed

Sis. Amy Manalansan at Amoranto Stadium, March 2011.

Over 20 years ago, Sis. Amy Manalansan had surgery in her right kidney. But after this, a lump developed under her arm. Though she took medications for her ailments, she became weaker every day.

Her family decided to sell a property so she could go to Europe and find healing there. So, she traveled to Vatican City, collecting water from the fountain there believing this would heal her. She bathed in the “holy waters” in France, because she had heard that these waters could heal.

After she came back from her travels, bringing with her bottles of “holy water” that she took from those foreign lands, she found out that her disease had spread to her other kidney and needed immediate surgery. The lump under her arm, which did not disappear after her travels, was also removed though surgery.

After the lump was removed, another one developed, and it was bigger than the first. She took medications to dissolve this, but instead, she developed ulcer in the process. When she moved out, there was fresh blood in her stool.

After the two surgeries that she had on her kidneys, her condition did not improve: she still couldn’t urinate normally. With the ulcer that added to her suffering, Sis. Amy developed insomnia. And with this, she also had to take pills to be able to sleep.

With kidneys that weren’t functioning well, a big lump under her arm after the first surgery, ulcer and insomnia – her doctors couldn’t assure her of healing.

One day, just barely two months after her surgery under her arm, she was running a high fever, and she was feeling pain from her kidneys, stomach and armpit all at the same time. No longer able to endure all the pain and suffering, she threw herself on the bedroom floor and begged God to end her life. But she had one last request: that God would show her the true Chruch where she could really know Him and serve Him with the remaining days of her life. She was crying profusely.

After this, she padded to their living room and lay on the couch. Then she heard a whisper telling her to open the TV, which she did without hesitation. The TV program of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY came to view. She felt a rush of cold wind enveloped her and she wondered, so she sat and began to listen to the testimonies of healing and lives changed.

She noticed that she was sitting upright for a long time, and felt relief spreading all over her body. Her fever left and all her pains slowly subsided until she couldn’t feel any pain or discomfort anymore.

When the Jesus’ Finest Generation Choir began to sing, she felt like she was floating in her seat. She also saw that the choir seemed to float in the air. She was sobbing uncontrollably all this time. She felt that she had been healed from all her diseases.

In her exceeding gladness, she stood to embrace the TV, wondering what had happened to her.

Sis. Amy received Jesus Christ in her life, was baptized in water in His name and served Him faithfully in JMCIM, and continue to do so to this day. It has been 20 years that she received complete healing of all her diseases and had not tasted a single medicine ever since.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru


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