Power Against Evil

Bro. Jun Villanueva in his Jesus Finest Generation Choir Sunday uniform. Taken at Amoranto Stadium, Novemebr 2011.

I have heard numerous testimonies in our Church, JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, about God’s mighty deliverance in times of robbery hold-ups in public transport. Almost every week, there are fresh testimonies of this kind, which only proves two things, one is good, the other bad: God is faithful to His promise to protect His children in times of danger, and criminality in our country continues to be rampant.

Such testimonies about God’s powerful deliverance in times of great danger vary in each situation, but they have one thing in common: the victim’s unflinching exercise of faith during such times. Most of the testimonies I’ve heard tell how the robbers or hold-uppers assure the Christian that he or she is not included in their criminal act. Such statements as, “Be quiet, we will not include you or harm you.” For unbelievers and cynical people, they may find such testimonies as unbelievable or even amusing. But such is the testimony of God: incredible!

Brother Jun Villanueva has been serving the Lord faithfully in JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY for over two decades now, is a member of the Jesus Finest Generation Choir and is also a leader of the Youth Choir, teaching them in choir practices. Such rehearsals often end late at night.

Two Sundays ago about ten in the evening, Brother Jun was going home after choir practice. He rode a passenger jeepney in Cubao bound for Marikina. Immediately after he settled in his seat, exhaustion took over and he fell asleep.

Suddenly, he was awakened by a commotion inside the passenger jeepney he was riding in. He then realized that there were hold-uppers inside trying to rob the passengers. They were collecting their victims’ belongings such as cellphones and wallets while a sharp knife was being wielded towards each one. There were three of these hold-uppers.

Brother Jun, being filled with the Holy Spirit having come from an all-day worship service, rebuked one hold-upper that was near him. He shouted, “In Jesus’ name, you stop what you are doing right now!” The hold-upper was taken aback. For a moment, he hesitated and seemed like he didn’t know what to do. But he recovered from his momentary surprise and he became more aggressive, aiming to attack Brother Jun with his long, sharp knife. But Brother Jun was quick to shout with all power and authority, “I am a child of God and I command you to stop right now! Fear God, in Jesus’ name!” At this, the hold-upper was flung backwards as if by an invisible force. And together with his two other companions, they hurriedly scrambled out of the jeepney and fled in sheer panic.

Brother Jun went home safe and unharmed.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sister Rina Peru


3 thoughts on “Power Against Evil

  1. Wonderful, powerful, glorious testimony!

    Praise God!

    I am reminded of a saint I know who was fishing. He was in his sixties and, fishing alone. Two young men came up to him and,
    began beating him in the head with a heavy metal instrument. They told him they were going to kill him, simply because they
    wanted to kill him. The saint began praying in the Holy Ghost, the young men became frightened and ran away! 🙂
    God is Good to us!

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