Healed of Gallstones: The Amazing Testimony of Bro. Lito Sandigan

In 1999, Bro. Lito was very sick. He had gallstones which made him suffer, groaning in pain while in bed all day long. He had fevers that didn’t go away and whenever he attempted to eat even just two spoonfuls of food, he would vomit it all with accompanying blood.

He was brought to the hospital and was confined there for three weeks. The other patients in the ward with him complained because of his incessant, noisy groaning and screaming in pain. The doctors said that he couldn’t be treated with medicines anymore. He needed immediate surgery. His bile was all swollen and surrounded with sandy material. It would explode anytime, poisoning his bloodstream which could cause his death.

He and his beloved wife were advised to prepare a large sum of money for the surgery as they left the hospital temporarily to try to come up with the needed amount.

But back in their house, Bro. Lito found out that they almost had nothing left. No more furniture or appliances to sell or pawn as his wife had already done that while he was confined in the hospital. His beloved wife went everywhere trying to borrow money but to no avail. In fact, there was absolutely no money for food for the family. Their neighbors just gave food to their children for them to be able to eat.

Bro. Lito told her beloved wife that they were going to his kumpare (a godfather friend) where they pawned their refrigerator and ask him to just buy it for additional funds. But when they arrived at his friend’s house, Bro. Lito was surprised to find him changed. They used to drink together, but now, the friend was converted and became a Christ follower. His friend invited them to the worship service of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, testifying of God’s healing miracles and power to change a person.

That night, being a Friday, was the overnight prayer meeting at Cuneta Astrodome. Bro. Lito prepared to go and attend the worship service as advised by his friend. He was accompanied by his eldest child.

When they left the house, he needed to be assisted in walking as he had become very weak and thin and the pain was excruciating.

They arrived at the worship service during the congregational singing of solemn songs. Everyone was singing and worshiping God intently and Bro. Lito was amazed, wondering if he would become better. But the Lord Jesus touched his heart and he wept and wept.

At the end off the service, Bro. Lito received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized in water in his name. When he was out of the water and was investigating his body, checking what he felt, a man in white approached him and pronounced to him, “Brother, you have been healed of your disease.” When Bro. Lito looked, the man was gone.

When they went home after the service, he walked without any assistance and he didn’t feel any pain anymore. Back in their house, he walked in front of his beloved wife, showing her that he was instantly healed and felt strong already. He was given food and he was able to eat it all without vomiting.

But around 6 o’clock that evening, Bro. Lito felt something hot and a searing pain in his belly, and when he went to the toilet to urinate, his urine was bloody. The joy that they felt earlier was replaced with sadness. After two hours, Bro. Lito felt the same thing again, so he urinated into a chamber pot and examined his urine. It was all blood with a greenish liquid.

His beloved wife was given wisdom from above and blurted out, “You have, indeed, been healed of your disease! The Lord has cleansed you of it!”

From that moment on, Bro. Lito was completely healed through the first prayers of our dearly beloved Hom. Pastor Wilde Almeda! Without any surgery, he was healed of his gallstones and it never came back ever since.

It has been 21 years since that healing miracle and their family was blessed abundantly as they continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ fervently and faithfully to this day.

All praise, honor, glory and thanksgiving to our Lord God Almighty alone, our dearest Lord Jesus!

~ written by Sis. Rina R. Peru


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