A Restored Life: The Testimony of Bro. Eric Fajardo

Bro. SPO1 Eric Fajardo at the JMCIM worship service, Amoranto Stadium, April, 2011.

Before he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, Brother SPO1 Eric Fajardo was a corrupt policeman. He testifies that he was involved in all kinds of evil deeds. He put up many kinds of gambling in their town, including jueteng and cockfighting. His townmates were too afraid and powerless to stop him, for he was, indeed, very powerful in their place. He also indulged in many worldly pleasures and lived like there was no end to his luck.

But one day, tragedy struck. He was invited to a town celebration where he was the guest of honor. He wanted his family to witness this important event so he brought along his wife and child. He thought it was another night of feasting where he would be honored. But before he could set foot on stage, the place was bombed and the crowd was fired at indiscriminately. When the smoke had subsided and Bro. Eric could see clearly, he saw his wife and child sprawled on the ground, blooded and lifeless.

The world came crashing down on him. In one day, the people dearest to him were taken away from him leaving only a deep hatred in his heart and a great desire to exact revenge to the perpetrators.

With fire and determination burning in his soul, he forsook all and traveled to Manila to hunt down the people responsible for the deaths of his family. But while he searched, it was the Lord Jesus that he found, or to put it more accurately, Jesus found him.

Bro. Eric was invited to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. He accepted the invitation and gladly went, for while he lusted for revenge, he also desperately wanted peace in his life.

Bro. Eric, lost, hurting, and vengeful, was finally captured by the Lord as he dropped to his knees and humbled himself to Him. For the first time in his life, he worshiped Him in truth and wept unabashedly, tears pouring out freely. He finally felt all the burden, hatred, and grief lifted up. His burning anger at the killers of his wife and child and the deep sorrow he carried were taken away by the merciful Savior and peace slowly crept into his heart. His soul has finally found rest. 

Bro. Eric accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name.

He forsook all his plans for revenge and began to walk with the Lord and live a new life.

Before this, he also used to suffer from acute stomach ulcer and enlargement of the heart because of his many vices. But when he trusted completely in the Lord and surrendered his life to Him – vowing that he will serve Him all his life – he was totally healed of these diseases.

Later on, he prayed to the Lord to give him a new wife, someone he could spend the rest of his life with. The Lord answered his prayer and also blessed them with a child.

Now, Bro. Eric has a whole new life. He is gladly serving the Lord with his family. God restored all he had lost, and more.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru


Miracle Boy

Sis. Pamela Anadalis-Ramas at Amoranto Stadium, 2011.

In 1993, when Sister Pamela Andalis-Ramas gave birth to her son, she was not prepared for the sad news: her baby had congenital heart disease with complications in the lungs and brain. Her baby was examined by a pediatric cardiologist and it was decided that her baby must undergo open heart surgery after he turned one-month old. Sis. Pam was advised to prepare a large sum of money for the procedure.

When she asked what was the assurance of her baby surviving and being cured after the surgery, the doctor couldn’t give any assurance, but told her instead, “Just pray. Nothing is impossible with God”.

Sis. Pam decided not to have surgery for her baby, and so after 20 days, she took him out of the hospital and brought him home. The doctors warned her that he wouldn’t be growing normally: couldn’t speak well, with almost no memory, and with below-average IQ.

As Sis. Pam nursed her baby, he would turn like a wilted vegetable, would collapse, turn blue, and would seem like dead.

During all that time, her beloved mother shared to her the Gospel and invited her to attend worship service and accept the Lord Jesus Christ, but Sis. Pam didn’t decide right away.

For two years, her son’s growth was stunted, but when she could no longer endure the hardships brought by rearing her sick son and seeing him in that pitiful condition, she finally surrendered her life to the Lord.

She served the Lord Jesus faithfully and fervently in JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. Then one day, her son was miraculously healed. His heart disease with its complications were completely healed by the Lord Jesus. He began to grow normally, building a strong and healthy body and a sharp mind.

She herself was healed of her arthritis and kidney disease which she suffered from for many years.

Her son is now 17 years old and has just graduated from high school as top of his class, and as salutatorian overall. He was healed of his heart disease with all its complications in the lungs and brain without surgery or medicines, but fervent prayers with fasting and laying on of hands led by the man of God, beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda.  

Even now, when Sis. Pam testifies of God’s miraculous healing of her son, she couldn’t help but weep in awe and overflowing gratitude for God’s great mercy.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru

The Mermaid: The Story and Testimony of Bro. Jimmy Tubis

Bro. Jimmy Tubis at the worship service of San Pedro, Laguna Outreach, February 2011.

Bro. Jimmy grew up being a sissy. At age 12, all his friends were girls. As he grew older, he became an outright gay. He loved going out at nights and reveling in disco houses with his gay friends. He learned to smoke marijuana and later on became a pimp in a “beerhouse”. Every night, he went out to do this job and at the same time to indulge in his vices.

One night, he joined a beauty contest for gays in an adjacent town. After the pageant, he and his gay friends went to a disco house to celebrate. It so happened that at the same night, his “kuya” (older brother) and his friends went out, too, and entered the same disco house.

Bro. Jimmy couldn’t be recognized for he was wearing a complete girl ensemble from head to toe. It didn’t take long and his older brother (not recognizing him at all) and his friends came to their table and they asked Bro. Jimmy’s friends (who were all wearing girl’s clothing complete with makeup) to dance, leaving Bro. Jimmy and his older brother at the table. Later on, his “kuya” asked him to dance, too.

They “got to know each other”. Bro. Jimmy’s name was Shellylou, a name he often used when joining gay pageants. Unfortunately, his older brother “fell in love” with Shellylou.

The next morning, Bro. Jimmy asked his brother about his night in town, and his brother told him about meeting a “girl” named Shellylou and how he had fallen for “her” and he was going to look for “her” house.

Too scared to let the problem become worse, Bro. Jimmy confessed to his “kuya” that he was Shellylou. His “kuya” was so angry he beat Bro. Jimmy black and blue, pouring out all his fury and frustration why his younger brother became hopelessly gay.

Bro. Jimmy continued to go out every night, returning home only at the break of day. When he arrived home one morning, his father told him to fetch water and fill up the drum, which he did. When the drum was full, his father submerged him into the water and after a few moments, he lifted up Bro. Jimmy’s head and asked him whether he was a girl or a boy. Bro Jimmy answered that he was a girl (for that was what he really felt). Again, his father submerged him into the water for a longer time and when he lifted up his head, he asked the same question, and Bro. Jimmy answered the same. On the third time, his father was trying to drown him just to make him be a man. When he lifted Bro. Jimmy’s head, he asked the same question, “Lalake ka ba o babae? (Are you a girl or a boy?)”, to which Bro. Jimmy answered, “Sirena! (mermaid!)”

His father told him to leave their house. They couldn’t accept him as he was.

Bro. Jimmy left their home. This was in 1983. He boarded a ship bound for Manila (their family lived in Visayas) although he didn’t have money. He pleaded to the ship’s officer and he was allowed to sail even without a ticket, but he had to endure the trip without food.

Bro. Jimmy tried to look for their relatives in Manila. Later on, he applied as a nanny (for he was still wearing girl’s clothes and long hair) to a Christian family. When the mother found out that he was actually a boy, instead of dismissing him, she brought him to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

Bro. Jimmy accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in His name.

Slowly, Bro. Jimmy’s life changed.

After four years, he and his “kuya” (brother) met again in 1987, and that was during the JMCIM crusade in Luneta Park, Manila. His “kuya” was surprised to see him changed, decently clothed as a man. He and his older brother joyfully reconciled.

Later on, Bro. Jimmy and his father also reconciled, forgiving each other for what each had done.

Bro. Jimmy became a pastoral worker of JMCIM and he continues to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru

God Raised Her Son

Sis. Alona Giducos testifying at the pulpit during the JMCIM 36th Church Anniversary, Feb. 13, 2011

In 1995, Sis. Alona Giducos was desperate. She had separated from her husband and she and her husband had divided their four children equally between them. She didn’t want it to end up like that, but there wasn’t anything she could do to save their marriage. Her husband was a drug addict and a drunkard.

She was so unhappy with her life, terribly missing her two children that were with her husband. Together with her two children that were with her, she decided to go home to Olongapo City to her mother’s house.

There she learned that her mother had been saved. Her mother had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life and was faithfully serving Him. She shared the Gospel to Sis. Alona and invited her to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

Sis. Alona was desperately looking for peace in her life, she hoped that this would be the answer to her prayers. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life as her Lord and Savior and later on, was baptized in water in His name.

Immediately, Sis. Alona received the precious peace that she had been desiring. After a month of fervently attending worship services, she and her husband reconciled and their family was restored. Her husband’s life was changed completely and their whole family began to serve the Lord faithfully.

The following year, Sis. Alona conceived and gave birth to their fifth child, a son she named Isaac. She didn’t know then that God would use this child to show her His great miracles.

A month after baby Isaac turned one-year-old, he got sick of measles. Having had no vaccine, the baby suffered from the illness greatly. For three weeks he had fever and convulsions. Sis. Alona prayed hard everyday, laying her hands on him every after praise and prayer, but the child wasn’t getting better.

One day after prayer, Sis. Alona decided to bring her child to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. The doctors there acted quickly to save Isaac, for his eyes had rolled back in his head and he was unmoving. They tried hard to revive him, but he didn’t make any movement or showed any reaction.

Sis. Alona prayed and surendered everything to the Lord. She vowed that she would continue to serve Him faithfully no matter what happens to her son. It was then that her child made a movement and began to breathe normally.

Because of this, the doctors in the hospital, and even the janitors, called Isaac a “miracle baby”, for so he really was.

But after several neurological tests, the doctors found out that Isaac had sustained severe brain damage due to his prolonged fever. Because of this, he became blind (totally no vision), deaf (and mute because of this) and lame. He became a vegetable. He also forgot how to suck his milk bottle. He was fed in the hospital via a feeding tube.

Sis. Alona didn’t know what to do, she was crying in helplessness. (During all this time, her beloved husband and their other four grown children continued to serve the Lord, diligently attending services and praying and begging Him to heal Isaac).

Sis. Alona remembered all the teachings of the beloved Honorable Pastor, Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda, to have FULL FAITH in the Lord and never doubt. The following mid-week service, she attended service and brought with her a picture of Isaac. She approached the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda and he prayed over Isaac’s picture.

The next day, while she was praying beside Isaac’s bed in the hospital, she heard a voice say, “Your sons’ brain damage has been healed.”

And so it was, that Isaac began to respond and to feed on his milk bottle. When they left the hospital, he was still blind, deaf and lame, but it didn’t take long and he gradually turned back to normal and fully recovered – his vision, speech, hearing and walking.

When Isaac was a little older, he joined the Children’s Choir and sang for the Lord for many years. Now he’s fifteen-years-old and has no traces of his childhood illness whatsoever.

Sis. Alona and her whole family continue to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Healing and Restoration

Sis. Anna Marie de Luna at Amoranto Stadium, February 2011.

Sister Anna Marie de Luna had no other desire in life but to have a happy family. Hers was everything but. She married a man her loved ones were strongly against. Her husband, a few years her junior, was involved in many vices, two of which were drugs and women. In Sis. Anna’s words, “If one would drape a skirt around an electric post, he would chase it and desire it (the skirted post!).”

Indeed, Sis. Anna suffered greatly emotionally. Even when their first baby was born, her husband, Bro. Bob, didn’t change. He continued to indulge in his vices, taking drugs and chasing women, while Sis. Anna worked for a living. She tried hard to hide her situation from her parents, showing a facade that all was well.

During the days that Bro. Bob was out for long hours or many days, Sis. Anna would cry out to the Lord, asking Him why her life was so miserable. She would pray and cry and beg the Lord to change her husband and grant her a happy family.

But Sis. Anna’s problem wasn’t just her husband during those days. She was also suffering from diabetes. One day her leg was bitten by a mosquito. She scratched it and it became an open wound. The wound grew bigger until her leg became gangrened. It was so for many months. The doctor advised her that it might be amputated.

Sis. Anna became hopeless. Her husband with another woman and her leg to be amputated, she felt like the world was crumbling down on her.  She didn’t want her leg to be amputated, for then, she believed that her husband would leave her completely.

But one day, Bro. Bob came home and Sis. Anna noticed that he seemed quiet and in deep thought. He started playing a tape with the Tagalog Christian song “Tupang Ligaw” (Lost Sheep). He would listen to it intently everyday.

One day, Bro. Bob asked Sis. Anna to accompany him to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. (It turned out that Bro. Bob had met somebody, a born-again Christian, who had been diligently sharing to him the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ). Sis. Anna didn’t hesitate. She and Bro. Bob went to the worship service together.

When they arrived, Sis. Anna was amazed at the sight she saw – brethren decently dressed in mostly-white, intently and fervently worshiping the Lord. She wept. She felt like she was coming home – to the waiting arms of her Savior. Slowly, she felt the heaviness in her heart lifted. She prayed and made a vow, that she would serve the Lord all her life if only the Lord Jesus would change her husband and restore their marriage and family. She didn’t even ask to be healed of her diabetes and her gangrened leg.

Sis. Anna and Bro. Bob received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized in water in His name.

Miraculously, Bro. Bob’s life was changed instantly. He became a good, loving and faithful husband and a responsible father.

One day, he tried smoking dope, but it made him nauseous and he threw up. It was then that he proved that the Lord had removed it from him for good.

Gradually, Sis. Anna received healing of her leg and of her diabetes. It’s been over 20 years now that she is free from the disease.

She and Bro. Bob, together with their children, continue to serve the Lord faithfully to this day. Sis. Anna is a leader of Adults Choir, Bro. Bob is a preacher, while their children sing in different choirs. Ever since they came to know and serve the Lord, joy resided in their hearts and in their home.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru

Second Chance: Healed of Brain Cancer


Bro. Agustin "Ustin" Lapitan. (Photo taken at JMCIM worship service, Amoranto Stadium, 2010)

In 1978, Bro. Ustin Lapitan, a successful civil foreman working in the government’s Department of Public Works and Highways, suffered many illnesses. Because of the nature of his work, he lived indulging in many vices like alcohol and cigarettes. It was due to these vices that he acquired many diseases from which he suffered much. One is stomach ulcer, that even if he took many medicines, couldn’t be completely cured. He suffered chronic pain and he was in and out of the hospital.

One day, while he and his wife were aboard his wife’s company vehicle, a man flagged them down. They stopped and the man requested if they can bring him to where he lives (apparently, he didn’t have money for transportation). During the ride to the man’s home, it turned out that the man was an evangelist and he didn’t waste time to share the Gospel to Bro. Ustin and his wife. When they reached the evangelist’s house, Bro. Ustin and his wife had been converted. They accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized in His name.

They eagerly embraced their new Church, JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE MINISTRY (or THE JESUS CHURCH), where the evangelist was the Pastor – beloved evangelist Pastor Wilde E. Almeda. Bro. Ustin was prayed for and he immediately received complete healing of all his diseases, and his life was changed. He forsook all his vices and began to live a godly life. ( Bro. Ustin testifies that during those days, there were only a few members since it was the Church’s pioneering years, but the moving of the Holy Spirit was so powerful they were always filled by it every time they gathered together). Later on, he became a preacher of the Church.

In 1987, despite being used by the Church as preacher and prayer warrior, he desired to work abroad. He asked permission from the beloved pastor and off he went to Saudi Arabia.

After a year of working in Saudi, Bro. Ustin became very ill. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The disease spread rapidly that he became very sick he couldn’t remember who he was and where he came from. The civil engineer of the company he was working for brought him back home to Manila.

Bro. Ustin was so sick he couldn’t recognize anyone. He was brought to the Pastoral House of JMCIM and he was re-baptized. While he was being immersed in water, the workers gathered around praising the Lord. The workers, led by the beloved Pastor, prayed over him. By the great and enduring mercies of the Lord Jesus, he received God’s forgiveness and instant healing.

From then on, Bro. Ustin served the Lord faithfully, serving in the ministry as prayer warrior, praying and fasting, and laying hands on the sick.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Now He Sees

Bro. Richard Palmones at our home, Dec. 6, 2010.

Before Bro. Richard Palmones came to know and serve the Lord, he worked as a machine cutter operator in a furniture factory. He was full of vices – alcohol, women, gambling, drugs.

One morning in 1990, after a whole night of indulging in his vices, he went straight to his work in the factory. Still drunk, he operated the machine to cut furniture without noticing a piece of wood that was lodged in the machine. When the machine started running, the piece of wood flew to his left eye smashing his eyeball. He instantly blacked out and collapsed.

When his consciousness returned, he was already in the hospital. After almost a week in the hospital, the doctor told him that they needed to operate on his left eye because his eyeball was broken. His injured left eye was completely blind. He needed to prepare a large amount of money for the surgery, but his doctor couldn’t assure him if he would recover his sight in his left eye. Bro. Richard decided not to have surgery. He was sent home with a lot of medicines for his eye.

Not long afterwards, his right eye grew dim due to the many medicines that he was taking. His right eye had developed cataracts. With the left eye completely blind, Bro. Richard could hardly see his way. He was led around by his wife. He also suffered pain in his left eye and it felt like it was full of splinters and dust.

During this time, his beloved wife was already a born-again Christian and was diligently attending worship service in JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. Before the accident, she used to invite Bro. Richard to attend worship service, and although he yielded to her invitations, he remained hard-hearted. 

Seeing his desperate condition, Bro. Richard’s wife urged him to watch the TV program of JMCIM and receive the Lord Jesus Christ in his life. Bro. Richard’s heart has changed after the accident. He became repentant and started to “watch” the TV program.  Not being able to see clearly, he listened intently to the testimonies and preaching.

Soon, he was brought by his wife to the worship service of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry. He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name. After baptism, his right eye regained its complete sight, and he felt like splinters and dust fell from his left eye. But he didn’t receive sight in his left eye instantly.

Bro. Richard’s life was completely changed. He forsook all his vices. He remained faithful in serving the Lord. He offered up prayers with fasting. Not long afterwards, his left eye was completely healed by the Lord and he received his sight.

He left his work and surrendered his life to the Lord. He became a worker in JMCIM and later on became a preacher of the church. Together with his whole family, Bro. Richard continues to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

A Changed Heart

Sis. Milagros Ricaro (in her Singles Choir uniform) testifying during Friday overnight worship service at Amoranto Stadium, Nov. 26, 2010.

Sis. Milagros Ricaro was a tomboy since early childhood. She grew up hanging out with her brothers playing basketball and pool. From elementary to high school, she became active in sports, especially basketball. She learned to engage in vices like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and joined her father and brothers in drinking sessions . She had a man’s heart.

Old photos of Sis. Milagros depicting her life before she came to know the Lord.

Soon, she took a girl and lived with her. Both their respective families were all against it, but they couldn’t do anything. Sis. Milagros and her girlfriend lived together for ten years.

Her calling came when she became sick of a heart ailment, high blood pressure and urinary tract infection. She sought the help of medical doctors, “quack” doctors, and faith healers, but she did not get well from her diseases.

One day in 2001, she opened the TV and saw the program of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. Desperate to find healing, she attended the worship service of JMCIM. She received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in Jesus’ name.

When she came out of the water, Sis. Milagros felt in her whole being that she was completely changed!

When she arrived home, she told her live-in partner that she was “born-again”. That night, she dreamed of the Lord telling her to return the girl to her family. Not wanting to hurt her partner’s feelings, Sis. Milagros prayed to the Lord to make a way that she and her girlfriend separate amicably.

The girl left and Sis. Milagros started a new and holy life with the guidance of the Lord. Her diseases were healed and she forsook all her vices. She surrendered her life to dearest Jesus and continues to serve Him fervently to this day. She sings in the Singles Choir, assists in Bible Study groups, goes out to share the Gospel, and regularly offers fasting and prayer for the salvation of souls.

She also prayed for and helped her former girlfriend get back on her feet. The girl soon got married and had a family of her own.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Freed and Healed

Bro. Jerry Solano in his JMCIM Finest Choir Wednesday uniform at the Sucat Outreach (Paranaque, Phils.), Nov. 17, 2010

In 1994, Bro. Jerry Solano was suffering from a heart ailment, hyperacidity, and poor eyesight. When his family brought him to the Philippine Heart Center, the doctors there didn’t want to admit him for his disease was highly infectious. They transfered to another hospital, and after he was examined, they found out that he had acute Hepatitis B, and that there was no hope of healing.

They went to another hospital inside the military camp where they lived. After examining him, he was told by the doctor that he had probably about one month to live. The doctor advised the family to separate all his things, confine him in a room, and avoid communicating with him. Then, he was sent home.

The family locked him up in an ammunitions supply room for soldiers. They put a chain in the door and padlocked it. When they fed him, they opened the lock and left the tray at the door.

Because of  his illness, he became weak, experienced body tremors, and his whole body had jaundice. Added to his suffering, he also developed insomnia.

One day, it was a Tuesday, around 2:00 in the afternoon, he was feeling sick, lonely and hopeless. He taught of ending his life. He opened the drawer and got his brother’s gun. Suddenly, he heard a voice say, “Child, switch on the TV”.  Because he knew he was alone in the room, he didn’t pay attention to it. For the second time, the voice spoke again, saying the same thing. Bro. Jerry then stood up and looked around but saw no one. For the third time, he heard the voice again. This time, Bro. Jerry heeded the voice and swiched on the TV. He saw the TV program of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. He watched the whole program and listened intently to the testimonies of God’s healing miracles.

The following day, a Wednesday, Bro. Jerry desired so much to attend the midweek service of JMCIM. He found a steel and smashed the lock of his room, and he escaped.

By God’s help and mercy, he arrived in JMCIM worship service. That night, he receieved Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name. He believed with all his heart that Jesus will heal him. 

The next day, he went back to his doctor and requested for another blood test. His doctor explained to him that he has terminal liver disease, and there was no point in doing the tests again. But Bro. Jerry insisted, so the doctor reluctantly agreed.

After the tests were done, he was summoned back to the doctor’s office. The doctor advised him to listen well as he reads the result. But when the doctor saw it, he was surprised, then bowed his head. When he looked up at Bro. Jerry, there were tears in his eyes as he asked, “Who healed you?”

Bro. Jerry, crying now, answered, “The Lord Jesus healed me”. And he went on to say how he came to know the Lord. The doctor believed him and said, “God healed then, so He still heals today. Mr. Solano, your tests show you don’t have Hepatitis B. You’re healed.” 

Before Bro. Jerry acquired Hepatitis B, he was heavily addicted to drugs. But the Lord Jesus did not only save and heal him, he also delivered him completely from his addiction to drugs.

Bro. Jerry fully surrendered his life to the Lord and served Him fervently, to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Out of the Depths of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Bro. Romulo Barrozo at our home, Nov. 2, 2010.

Before Bro. Romulo Barrozo came to know the Lord, he was a hopeless drunkard and drug addict. He came from a broken family and grew up without someone to guide him and his siblings. He was very young when he started his abuse with substance like sniffing rugby, until he grew older and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. According to his testimony, he was a “salot sa lipunan” (pest in the society).

Soon, Bro. Romulo had his own family, but this never changed him. The little money they had for food he wasted on his addictions. He loved his drinking and drug-abusing buddies more than his family. He spent more time with his friends, and the little time that he spent at home, he hit his wife and his three children. When his sleep was disturbed by the crying of his youngest child, he would carry him and drop him out the window.

During the times that he was “high” on drugs, he would line up his three children and strike them with his ice pick, like a dart on a dartboard. (These innocent victims were always saved by their angels for they never got struck by the ice pick).

Each night, his family cried in hunger and great fear.

During the few times that he was sober, he would gaze at his sleeping wife, bruised (by him) and thin from lack o

f food. These were the times that he felt tormented, but he had no power over the devil that had enslaved him for so long.

One night, after spending a week with his friends, he came home very “high” on drugs and alcohol. His family was sleeping. The devil whispered to him to kill his whole family to remove all obstacles to his vices and addictions. He readily agreed, and when he raised his arm to stab his wife who was then five months pregnant, he heard a voice say, “Don’t do it! I love you. Switch on the TV.”

The voice in his other ear shouted, “Do it! Kill them!” So, Bro. Romulo raised his arm again to stab his wife, but the voice stopped him again, saying the same thing. This happened three times until Bro. Romulo heeded the voice and switched on the TV.

The program of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY came into view and the beloved Hon. Pastor Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda was preaching. At that point, the beloved evangelist pointed right at him saying, “You! If you’re a drug addict or alcoholic, you come to the Jesus Miracle Crusade Ministry and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus loves you and He will change your life…”  

Bro. Romulo’s attention was instantly caught, his whole body trembled and he felt cold. Slowly, he sobered down.

He watched the whole program. Afterwards, already sober and thinking rationally, he looked at his sleeping family and saw how they had become so thin. He checked their pots in the kitchen but there was no food in them, only molds. It was then that Bro. Romulo fell down on his knees and begged the Lord to change him. He vowed to serve the Lord all his life.  

Bro. Romulo and his whole family received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized in water in His name. The Lord Jesus delivered him from all his vices and addictions, and changed him completely. He made him into a loving, caring, and responsible husband and father. 

That was 13 years ago and Bro. Romulo and his whole family continue to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

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Sis. Rina R. Peru