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Healed of Cerebral Palsy, Etc.

Sister Delia Carencia testifying in the pulpit during JMCIM Sunday worship service at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils. (March 2012)

When I heard the testimony of Sister Delia Carencia, I was sure I wanted to write about it. Once again in this blessed testimony, the Lord Jesus has proven that he is the greatest Physician.

When the eldest son of Sis. Delia was only three-days-old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his heart was too big for his age, one of the main veins of his heart was blocked, had abnormal heartbeat, asthma, post-polio of his whole left body, and scoliosis.

Sis. Delia brought her infant son to different specialists in the hospitals in Metro Manila hoping to find cure for her diseased baby. She also became zealous in visiting churches, walking from the entrance to the altar on bended knees. She went to places wherever she heard of someone or something that heals miraculously. But in the 17 years that they sought, hoped and waited for her son’s healing, they failed.

The head neurologist of the Pediatrics Department of the Philippine General Hospital told Sis. Delia that there was no hope for her son. Also the orthopedic doctor informed her that if the angulation of her son’s spine became 40, he will become a vegetable. At that time, it was already 32.

A major surgery on her son’s spine was proposed to straighten it. They were going to open up his back from nape to below the waist. But when Sis.Delia asked what were the chances of her son being able to walk again, the doctor replied that if the surgery was successful, he could walk again, but he could not give the assurance that the boy would be able to endure the pain during cold months. And if the surgery failed, he would not be able to walk again and would remain vegetable the rest of his life. The doctors also warned that if he skipped in taking his medicines, this would greatly endanger his life.

Because the medicines were very costly and Sis. Delia had three other younger kids, she tried to stop giving him his medicines but this made matters worse for he had to be brought to the hospital and had to stay there for many days.

Sis. Delia testified that for 17 years, there wasn’t a month that her son was not admitted in the hospital beside the weekly therapy at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. It was a long commute since they lived in Olongapo City.

But when they were invited to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY and he received the Lord Jesus Christ and was baptized in water in His name, all his diseases were miraculously healed by the Lord! Ever since that day, he stopped taking his medicines and it has been ten years since he obtained God’s healing.

The curvature of his spine became normal, he regained normal strength and balance and now, he walks and runs and rides the bicycle! The excruciating pain in his back that he used to suffer was completely gone. Now, he plays the tambourine in the outreach of Olongapo City.

Sis. Delia Carencia's son also testifying in the pulpit.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina R. Peru


Bed-bound to Soul-winner

Sister Jocelyn Pena in her Adults Choir Sunday uniform at Amoranto Stadium, Nov. 2011.

Sister Jocelyn “Jo” Pena was in and out of the hospital because of bronchial asthma. Soon, this had affected her heart, too, suffering from chest pains and difficulty in breathing. Because of these diseases, she rarely went out of their house, and spent her days mostly in bed.

One time while in bed recovering from another bout of asthma attack, she was feeling so weak and despondent. She thought, “Is this the life of a sick person, suffering daily in bed, no hope of healing? Is this my portion of life, just miserable like this? Is there more to life than being bed-bound?”

But there were no answers to her desperate questions, until she had to be brought to the hospital again because she had difficulty breathing. Her three kids would be left alone to fend for themselves while her beloved husband would juggle between work and hospital visits.

One day, she and her beloved husband just arrived home from the hospital after several days of confinement, but on the same day, she had another attack and she was struggling to breathe. In panic, she instructed her beloved husband to get a taxi for they were going back to the hospital. Before going out to get a taxi, her beloved husband rushed upstairs to get her bags.

While alone upstairs, great desperation drove him to the floor, and with his knees bent in total surrender, he prayed with all his being, tears pouring down his face. He cried out for help like he never prayed before. Then he heard a whisper, “Open the TV.” Without thinking or asking what it was, he opened the TV and the program of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY came to view. He listened for a while and he felt hope bathed his whole being. He thought that this could help them, that this could be the answer to his prayer.

He hasted downstairs and called Sis. Jo to come check out a Christian program on TV. The two of them watched the whole program and Sis. Jo joined in the mass healing. Instantly, she felt great relief. Instead of going back to the hospital, they attended the worship service of JMCIM, received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and were baptized in water in His name.

When they got home that night, Sis. Jo threw all her medicines and began to live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust Him completely. It didn’t take long and Sis. Jo received her complete healing and recovered her health and strength. Because of this, she surrendered her life fully to the Lord. Since the time that they were saved in 1997 up to the present, Sis. Jo visits hospital wards weekly and shares her testimony of healing and the Gospel of salvation to the patients and their families.

She is continually blessed to witness many healing miracles in the hospital wards and homes that she visits after they have received the Gospel of salvation and been prayed for, and she has brought many souls to the feet of Jesus, and continues to do so.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

Healing Miracles: Healed of Stomach Disease and Slipped Disc

Beloved Sis. Nitz de Guia at JMCIM Worship Service, Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils., Oct. 2011.

Before Sister Nitz de Guia surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus, she was a nurse in a big government hospital. Just after she and her beloved husband, Brother Lito, were married and Sis. Nitz became pregnant with their first child, she started to be sick. While two months pregnant, she underwent appendectomy. On that same year, she delivered her baby via caesarian section.

Immediately after this, she underwent exploratory laparotomy due to abdominal intussusception. Not long afterwards, she again suffered stomach pain that she was immediately brought to the hospital. While doctors attended to her, her bel. husband went home for a while to take a shower and get some change of clothes. When he returned, Sis. Nitz lay in bed with several instruments already attached to her. She was to be operated again for H. mole (Hydatidiform mole).

Bro. Lito, feeling so dejected because of their miserable situation, just looked out the window, tears streaming down his face. At one point during this emergency surgical procedure, Bro. Lito was asked to choose between his bel. wife or their unborn baby. It was a difficult and painful decision in which he chose his wife, but God was so merciful to save their baby also and he lived. 

One of their children suffered from bronchial asthma from birth, due maybe to Sis. Nitz’ major surgery while pregnant.

After all her ordeal, the family had to deal also with the frequent asthma attacks of their child, having to bring him to the hospital often. Soon, Sis. Nitz gave up her work in the hospital as a nurse, but she was advised by her doctor to come for check-ups every two weeks. She was told that her disease may lead to cancer if not properly treated.   

But about this time, a neighbor shared to them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and they were brought to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. Their whole family willingly received the Lord Jesus and were baptized in water in His name.

Their child with asthma soon received complete healing and never suffered an attack again. Also, Sis. Nitz no longer returned to the hospital for her regular check-up, but focused on serving the Lord with her bel. husband. She no longer suffered from her disease as she claimed complete healing.

During those times, Bro. Lito was just an ordinary bank employee. But as they continued to serve the Lord faithfully and fervently, they were tremendously blessed financially and materially. They now own and manage a multi-million plastics company.

Over a decade of blissfully serving the Lord, their faith was tried. Sis. Nitz suffered a slipped (herniated) disc in the lumbar part of her spine. Because of this, she could no longer walk and do any work, not to mention the excruciating pain that she had to suffer night and day. Her legs and arms suffered atrophy, and she needed a wheelchair to go from one place to another.

She testifies that the pain was almost unbearable. She had to change position every hour, and she needed the assistance of her bel. husband to do so. They were both losing much-needed sleep and rest.

When the family went to the U.S. for a vacation, Sis. Nitz was on a wheelchair. Her relatives there offered to pay for all her surgery expenses, only that she had to undergo immediate operation to fix her spine. If not, her doctor warned her that she could become permanently paralyzed.

But the couple rejected surgery as an option and chose to put their complete trust in the Lord Jesus, that He would be the One to heal Sis. Nitz as He had done the first time and to their child. And so, they continued to serve the Lord, never missing a service, despite Sis. Nitz’ difficult condition.

 After two years, she received complete healing, and her legs and arms went back to normal. Now, as their thanksgiving vow, Bro. Lito and Sis. Nitz support and attend crusades of the Church throughout the country. Whatever time of day or night, through whatever weather condition, they would be driving and racing to go to support the Lord’s crusades, even in far-flung and rebel-infested barangays (barrios) and provinces.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

From Suffering to Rejoicing: The Amazing Testimony of Bro. Arvin Arica

Bro. Arvin Arica at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils., Sept. 2011.

By the amazing grace of our mighty God, Minister of Mercy is celebrating its 1st anniversary! Halleluiah! And to commemorate the occasion, I’m posting this wonderful testimony about God’s deliverance and healing.

Brother Arvin Arica received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in Catarman, Northern Samar in 2001. Before this, he was wasting away his life by daily dose of liquor and smoking 4 packs or more of cigarettes. He testifies that he couldn’t go through a day without indulging in his vices.

He also used to suffer from arthritis, asthma, and insomnia. For many years, these three diseases made him suffer greatly. But all these were taken away by the Lord Jesus and he was completely healed of them. He also forsook all his vices and his life was totally changed. He found the peace that he had been looking. 

But on the same year, aside from his healing and new life, Bro. Arvin would further see the wondrous and mighty acts of God. Later after he was saved, he was accidentally electrocuted by 33,000 volts and he died on-the-spot. This happened in Tacloban, Leyte. His head, hands, stomach, and legs were badly burned. There was a big hole in his stomach that looked like it has been shot by a shotgun caused by the massive electric current that coursed through his body.

He testifies that upon his death, he went to heaven and he saw the Lord Jesus Christ. He fell on his knees before the Lord and asked His forgiveness. Weeping, he begged the Lord to let him go back. In response, the Lord squeezed his heart and he wept the more. But he pleaded with Him, reasoning out that his death would not give glory to God considering that his loved ones were still unsaved. And the Lord Jesus had mercy upon him and He let him go back.

When his spirit entered his lifeless body in the hospital, the doctors were preparing to bring him to the morgue. But he opened his eyes and at the same time, he shouted Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! three times to the doctors’ and nurses’ utter astonishment. They were so startled that their initial reaction was to run away from him. And they shouted, “Ang patay nabuhay!” (The dead lives!)

One doctor started questioning him to ascertain his mental state. The doctor said that a person who has been massively electrocuted and died for several minutes often sustains brain damage. But Bro. Arvin was able to answer all the questions correctly proving that he was mentally well.

The doctors couldn’t help saying that it was a miracle that he was alive. He was given medicines but he refused to take them, declaring that God alone would heal him, and he fasted instead. The doctors were exasperated at this so they made him sign a waiver. After only three days in the hospital, and in which he also spent fasting, he was discharged.

He left the hospital unable to walk. While he recuperated at home in a wheelchair, unable to move his legs and hands, he prayed and wept to the Lord, begging Him to heal him and make him stand and walk again. After two weeks, he received answer to his prayers and he regained the use of his legs.

Everyday, he washed and cleaned his open wounds with only water and alcohol, and covered them with fresh bandage. Looking at him suffer from his wounds, Bro. Arvin’s father told him that if he were the one in his place, he would rather die. But Bro. Arvin continued to humble himself before the Lord and completely trust in Him, praying and crying out to Him to heal his wounds.

A sister-in-Christ advised him to pour coconut oil into his wounds and he did. One Sunday afternoon while walking home after attending worship service, he felt stinging pain in his wounds. When he looked, maggots had swarmed his wounds and they were eating up his flesh. He wept helplessly and wanted to run to escape all the suffering, but he couldn’t, for he had not fully recovered his strength.

He bravely poured alcohol liberally into his wounds while shouting praises to God, and the maggots were killed by it, and he picked them one by one.

His mother advised him to bathe in the sea so that his wounds would dry up, and he did. But afterwards, sand filled his wounds and it took two months to completely remove it.

In all his suffering, Bro. Arvin remained faithful to the Lord, praying, fasting, praising, and attending worship services regularly. He believed and completely trusted that the Lord Jesus would turn his suffering into rejoicing and a glorious testimony of God’s power and great mercy.

After 7 months, Bro. Arvin received total healing of his wounds and complete recovery of his strength, and God blessed him with a good job that he had desired and fervently prayed for.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

Found at Last

Bel. Mamay Belen Aunor singing with a guitar during an overnight prayer meeting, Amoranto Stadium, March 2011.

Sis. Belen Aunor (or beloved “Mamay” Belen Aunor as she is fondly called in Church) has been joyfully serving the Lord in Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry for over two decades now. By God’s grace, her fervor in serving the Lord and doing His will has not waned through the years. But her life before she surrendered her life to the Lord wasn’t always filled with peace and joy and wellness. This is her story.

Beloved Mamay Belen is the aunt of Philippines so-called “Superstar” Ms. Nora Aunor. In fact, she was the guardian of the then-budding star Nora, and she stood as her mother and mentor. She was the one who enlisted Nora Aunor in Tawag ng Tanghalan, a singing contest on TV that launched many talents in the ’70’s that later on became big stars in the local entertainment industry. Ms. Nora Aunor was one of them.

Naturally, Mamay Belen (that’s how Nora calls her) shared in her niece’s success. She gained a lot of friends in showbusiness and tasted the bittersweet mixture of fame and material and financial prosperity. Her own daughter, Maribel “Lala” Aunor also entered showbusiness at that time, and a nephew (Nora’s brother).

But beloved Mamay Belen was suffering from bronchial asthma. Some of her loved ones, including her mother, died of this disease. At that time, her asthma attacks were frequent. She knew that she wouldn’t live long. 

So she went from one church to another, finding healing, and also peace and joy that she felt, deep in her heart, she was missing. But in all her efforts in finding healing and an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, she failed.

One day, she suffered another attack of her asthma. She was struggling so hard to breathe so they brought her to the hospital, but in the emergency room, she stopped breathing. She testifies that her soul left her lifeless body and she saw two ladies all dressed in white came to her and they brought her to heaven. She saw the magnificence of the place and the presence of the Lord, covered in bright shining light. She heard a voice say that she was going back to earth, her life is not over yet. But she pleaded to let her stay for her life on earth was hard. But the voice said that she still has something important to do.

After almost half an hour that beloved Mamay Belen had stopped breathing, she revived, her breathing went back to normal. And she lived.

In 1988, she saw the TV program of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry. She listened to the testimonies of healing, lives changed, and God’s deliverance. After watching the program, she felt a change within her: she felt lightness, peace, and gladness enveloped her whole being. She knew then that she had found what she had been looking for.

Beloved Mamay Belen attended the worship service of JMCIM and there she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name. Her asthma was instantly healed.

She surrendered her life to the Lord and continued to serve Him to this day. She built a chapel in her beloved husband’s home province of Pangasinan, and there, she works closely with workers of the Lord’s vineyard. At over eighty years of age, she is still active in going to different outreach stations, even as far as the USA. She sings in the Adults Choir, and offers songs of praise and thanksgiving every now and then with her own compositions while playing the guitar. 

Halleluia! To God be the glory! 

– Sis. Rina Peru

A Surrendered Life: The Testimony of Bel. Dr. Ric Alarcon

Beloved Dr. Ric Alarcon at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, January, 2011.

He is fondly called beloved Doctor Ric Alarcon or “Beloved Doc” by the brethren for he is a dentist. Coming from a well-off family, Bel. Doc had fine schooling, graduating from the famous Catholic school for boys, Collegio de San Juan de Letran. But Bel. Doc had been suffering from asthma from childhood even until he got married and had a family. He was also living a life indulging in many kinds of vices – cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, and women.

His bronchial asthma attacks made him suffer frequently. Although he took maintenance medicines, he never really received healing but only temporary relief.

On top of this, he was also diagnosed to have an infectious hepatitis. He was brought to the hospital but there was nothing they could do to stop the disease from advancing. He was told that his liver disease had the tendency to develop to cancer of the liver. His body was covered with jaundice. He endured terrible piercing pain due to this disease. With the onslaught of his liver disease, he also suffered from hypertension. He knew then that his life wouldn’t be long.

One day in 1983, he was invited to a crusade of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY in Luneta Park, Manila. There he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in Jesus’ name. Then he was prayed over and laid hands on by the beloved Hon. Pastor Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda.

Not long afterwards, he received complete healing from all his diseases, without the help of medicines.

After his miraculous healing, Bel. Doc continued to witness various miracles as he continued to serve the Lord. He was one of those beloved brethren who were delivered by the Lord from the rebel soldiers attacking the TV station where they were then attending the live TV broadcast of JMCIM during the 1989 coup d’etat.

Bel. Doc continued his dental practice, having received healing from the Lord. But he had fallen so in love with his Savior that he would close his clinic at noon to sing praises to Him. But he wasn’t contented with the set-up, he felt he wanted so much more. He had received and felt the true love of the Lord Jesus Christ that he wanted to offer his life to Him. He then decided to close his clinic and give up his dental practice, and entered the Pastoral House to become a full-time worker. He surrendered his life fully to the Lord. Later on he became an ordained preacher of the Church.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru