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Miracle in the Life of Bro. Roden Roy


Sister Tacing Roy testifying in the pulpit during Friday overnight worship service, April 2013 at the Amoranto Stadium.

Sis. Tacing Roy, who is fondly called by those who are close to her “Nanay Tacing” (Mommy Tacing), is the beloved mother of Bro. Roden Roy. She had seen the great healing miracle of the Lord in her life when, dying and her funeral all prepared because of an illness in her inner ear that specialists couldn’t cure, she was raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ when she was brought to the worship service of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. She had no hope then being tortured by the pain and discomfort her disease brought. The doctors here and in Canada (when she travelled there with her husband seeking healing) had given up on her. Her inner ear was rotting and she was also a victim of witchcraft which made her days and nights pure torment.

But she was miraculously healed by the Lord and freed from the evil works of witchcraft. She gained a kind of faith so strong that nothing and no one could deter her no matter the circumstance.

That’s what happened in late 90s when her beloved son Roden’s appendix ruptured. The doctor was shocked by her decision to bring home her very sick son and just pray for his miraculous healing at home. Bro. Roden needed an emergency surgery to close up his ruptured appendix but his mother chose to fully trust in God’s miracle – without surgery. And so, at home, Nanay Tacing prayed agonizingly and fasted for the healing of her son. Bro. Roden miraculously recovered and was well for a year.

But in 1997, a year after his appendix was ruptured, his stomach bulged until it looked like he was 8 months pregnant. This time, he was brought to the hospital to be checked. He was immediately brought to the OR for an emergency surgery to which Nanay Tacing was then powerless to stop. The doctors said it might take 3 hours. But 3 hours turned to 5 and 5 turned to 7. Nanay Tacing resisted the urge to worry and lose faith. She was on her knees begging for God to let her son live all the time he was in the operating room.

The procedure ended at 2:30 in the morning. The doctors though very tired were so thrilled to talk about the miracle they just witnessed. They said that it was just not possible that a person would live after an untreated ruptured appendix. They were so shocked to see Bro. Roden’s condition: a big clump of rotten flesh, puss, and blood had infected his stomach and intestines. They needed to bring out his intestines and clean them that’s why it took them 7 hours!

They considered it a great miracle that a person lived in that state for a year calling Bro. Roden a miracle boy. Doctors from other hospitals came to St. Luke’s Medical Center to interview him and have their pictures taken with him. They said it was the first time in all of  the medical history of the country for such a thing to happen! Nanay Tacing proudly confessed her miracle-working God and they praised Him for what He’s done.

Their bills ballooned to around P200,000 but Nanay Tacing prayed and begged God to help them since they didn’t have that amount of money. No, not even near it. In the end, they only paid over a thousand pesos. Another miracle.

And through all this, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ was exalted and glorified.

But the doctors warned Bro. Roden that it was possible that his intestines will clump up again in the future, but Nanay Tacing trusted in God that that won’t happen. But in mid-April 2013, Bro. Roden’s stomach swelled again and he was brought to the same hospital. He was treated and the miracle was, while he recuperated from this second surgery, he met the families of two patients: one was a stage 4 leukaemia, a mother; the other one was stage 4 breast cancer.

After Friday overnight worship service, Nanay Tacing went straight to the hospital and found Bro. Roden her son waiting up for her. He told her about the two desperate patients that he had talked to. Without any hesitation and though Nanay Tacing was very sleepy from the all-night service, she rushed to the rooms of the patients accompanied by her son. There, she shared the Gospel and her testimonies. She made them receive the Lord Jesus Christ and prayed over them and assured them that they could receive God’s miraculous healing, too, when they surrender their lives to Him. The families promised to attend JMCIM worship service once they are out of the hospital.

So, that was what the divine purpose of the presence of Nanay Tacing and her beloved son Roden in St. Luke’s Medical Center this second time. And when it was time to pay their bills which reached P80,000, Nanay Tacing prayed again. She only had P1000 in her wallet. And the Lord performed a miracle on her behalf once again. The hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, was forced to bill them for only P1000.

Hallelujah! To God be all the glory!

~ Sis. Rina R. Peru


Love Begets Miracles

Sis. Rolina Montemayor with daughter, Sis. Fredlyn. (June 2011 at Amoranto Stadium)

Sis. Rolina Montemayor’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Fredlyn, felt a lump in her right breast which started to be painful. Weeks passed and the lump grew bigger and three other lumps had appeared. The color of her breast became blackish violet, like it was bruised. Her breast became enlarged, darker and very painful as the weeks passed by.

Her mother told her that they would see a doctor to know what it really was, but she begged off, telling her mother that this would only increase her fear and weaken her faith. Sis. Fredlyn chose to put her complete trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to cling to the many testimonies of God’s miraculous healing that she had heard.

A few months passed and the pain brought by her swelling breast spread to her neck, back and upper arm, making it extremely difficult and painful to make the slightest movement. They were certain, even without diagnosis, that Sis. Fredlyn had breast cancer.

Sis. Rolina prayed hard to the Lord, asking for mercy and guidance. She dreamed of offering a long fasting and prayer in the fasting house. But Sis. Rolina wasn’t ready for a longer fasting, beyond 15 days. But as the days passed, her daughter’s condition became worse, and she, too, started to suffer from respiratory disease and swelling and reddening of her lower legs that was really painful.

Sis. Rolina decided to request for prayer from the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda, for healing and strength to offer up a longer fasting and prayer.

After they were prayed over and laid hands on by the beloved pastor, mother and daughter prepared for their long stay in the fasting house and then, off they went.

On their first day of prayer and fasting, Sis. Fredlyn vomitted blackish, foul-smelling liquid with blood. On the 7th day, Sis. Rolina gave her daughter some food for a light break, while she herself continued to fast without taking a break. After her light break, Sis. Fredlyn continued with her prayer and fasting.

In the fasting house, as morning (6am to 3pm) and evening (6pm to 10:00pm) praise and worship and prayers roared on, Sis. Rolina spent 3-4 hours straight on her knees, praying and begging the Lord for the complete healing of her beloved daughter.

On their 23rd day, the lumps, pain, swelling and bruising were all gone from Sis. Fredlyn’s breast. She asked her mother if they could go home, but Sis. Rolina gently reminded her daughter that they vowed to the Lord to finish 40-day fasting and prayer, and she was determined to do that. Sis. Fredlyn had three or four light breaks during the whole duration.

On their 3oth day, the monsoon rains began, and since they didn’t bring thick clothing or blankets to ward off the cold, this made it harder for them to finish their 40-day fasting. Being without food for a very long time, the cold brought by the heavy rains made their knees trembling.

But Sis. Rolina, instead of praying that they be “excused” from completing their long fasting, prayed for more spiritual and bodily strength, that the Lord would comfort and strengthen them.

[At this point, I remember the article I wrote about Paul and Silas entitled “What Moves God?“. That mother and daughter could have cut their fasting, because Sis. Fredlyn had received complete healing of the symptoms of breast cancer, and Sis. Rolina also received complete healing from her respiratory disease and swelling and reddening of her lower legs. But they chose to honor the Lord. This was more than faith. It was faith expressing itself through LOVE.]  

After their 40-day prayer and fasting, Sis. Rolina and her daughter Fredlyn recovered well and they both testified of the complete healing they received from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Halleluiah! To God be ALL the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

Great Faith Has Healed Her

Sis. Tess Lloren at the Amoranto Stadium, Oct. 2010




Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt…(Matthew 15:28)

Before Sis. Tess Lloren came to know the Lord, she had heart and gall bladder diseases. She was in and out of hospitals and took many kinds of medicines to try to cure her diseases, but she was none the better. She was also due for operation on her gall bladder, but didn’t have the money ready for the procedure.

Then in 2008, she accepted the invitation of a member of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, who shared to her the testimonies of God’s healing in the church, to attend the worship service. After she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and was baptized in Jesus’ name, she was instantly healed from her heart and gall bladder diseases!

Sometime in 2009, she went to Pampanga to fast and pray. While fasting, some elders of the church approached her and asked her to join them in the “sounding” (where workers go from barangay to barangay, from house to house, testifying, sharing the Gospel, and inviting people to attend the crusade) for the crusade in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. She agreed, but after 7 days fasting and her companions were ready to leave, she changed her mind and wanted to go home instead. But she heard a voice telling her to continue praying and fasting, which she obeyed.

Not long after, she received a call from home informing her that her grandchild had an accident and was in the hospital and in critical condition. Her grandchild has been comatose for 2 days and needed to undergo surgery, so Sis. Tess made a vow to the Lord, “I beg of You to heal my granddaughter and I promise to go to Narvacan, Ilocos Sur to help in the sounding.” After this prayer, Sis. Tess’ granddaughter woke up and walked. Her ultrasound result became normal. She was healed.

This was the start of Sis. Tess’ calling to serve the Lord. She helped in the sounding  in different towns and provinces.

While sounding in Laguna, she felt a pain in her chest. It was so painful but she still did her best to finish the work for the day. Back in the pastoral house, Sis. Tess felt a lump in her breast which was causing the pain. She endured the pain and finished all the crusades lined up for the summer.

Then she went to see a doctor. After the biopsy, the doctor told her she had breast cancer. But instead of seeking medical help, she went to Pampanga to fast and pray.

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. (Matthew 17:21)

After having fasted for 10 days, she begged the Lord, “Dearest Lord Jesus, I trust in You completely. I hope in You alone for nothing is impossible with You! I rely in You to heal me. You, alone, are my Healer! I beg of You to heal me. How can I continue working in Your vineyard if I’m sick? How can I tell people that You are the God that heals and works wonders and miracles!”  And she wept very much. Then she heard a voice say, “Child, I have healed you!” (At this point in Sis. Tess’ testimony in the pulpit, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and her body shook uncontrollably while uttering words of praise and worship, tears flowing freely. HALLELUIA!)

The lump in her breast was completely gone and so was the pain. The Lord Jesus has completely healed her.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Amazing Grace: Healed of Stage 4 Breast Cancer


Sis. Sarah Advincula in her Finest Choir Wednesday uniform.

Sis. Sarah Advincula sings in the Jesus Finest Generation Choir of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. But in 2007, she felt a lump in her breast, and as the days passed, it grew to a size bigger than her breast itself. She knew then that she was sick.

In January of 2008, Sis. Sarah went to see a doctor. After her check-up, she knew from the doctor’s face that her condition was grim. The doctor advised her to seek second opinion. But instead of seeing another doctor, she decided to go to the fasting house instead.

On her way to the fasting house, her breast lump broke out and blood oozed from it. After praying and fasting, she went to see another doctor. This was where she learned that she had stage 4 breast cancer.

Her relatives offered financial help for her surgery and chemotherapy. But Sis. Sarah declined it and chose to trust God completely.

During the time that she was ill, she spent most of it in the fasting house (Sauyo, Novaliches, Quezon City, Phils.) where she could join in the praise and worship in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. She also offered up prayers with fasting (one-meal or two-meal fasting). She continued to sing in the choir whenever she had enough strength to do it. Beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda also prayed for her and laid his hands on her for her healing.

Almost everyday, the wound in her breast bled that it could fill up half of a plastic bag. This made her feel faint. Most mornings, she would wake up with her blouse soaked with blood. There were times that she couldn’t eat and became weak.

One day, while she was lying in bed alone, she had difficulty breathing. She prayed to the Lord, “Dearest Jesus, if You will take me now, it will be alright with me. I’m thankful that I’ve known You and that I’m in the truth.” Then the Holy Spirit whispered to her, “Sing praises to the Lord.” Though weak, Sis. Sarah did her best to rise up from the bed and on her knees, sang to the Lord. After a while, she felt better and was restrengthened.

After a year of being ill, Sis. Sarah began to recover and regain strength. The lump in her breast gradually disappeared until it was completely gone leaving only a wound, and the color of her breast returned to normal. When the doctor saw it, he could only utter, “Amazing!” Sis. Sarah is already negative of cancer.

Around 3rd quarter of 2009, I saw Sis. Sarah testify in the pulpit for the first time after she was healed, and she was in the pink of health!

Sis. Sarah went back singing in the choir and continues to serve the Lord fervently to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

-Sis. Rina R. Peru