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From Suffering to Rejoicing: The Amazing Testimony of Bro. Arvin Arica

Bro. Arvin Arica at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils., Sept. 2011.

By the amazing grace of our mighty God, Minister of Mercy is celebrating its 1st anniversary! Halleluiah! And to commemorate the occasion, I’m posting this wonderful testimony about God’s deliverance and healing.

Brother Arvin Arica received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in Catarman, Northern Samar in 2001. Before this, he was wasting away his life by daily dose of liquor and smoking 4 packs or more of cigarettes. He testifies that he couldn’t go through a day without indulging in his vices.

He also used to suffer from arthritis, asthma, and insomnia. For many years, these three diseases made him suffer greatly. But all these were taken away by the Lord Jesus and he was completely healed of them. He also forsook all his vices and his life was totally changed. He found the peace that he had been looking. 

But on the same year, aside from his healing and new life, Bro. Arvin would further see the wondrous and mighty acts of God. Later after he was saved, he was accidentally electrocuted by 33,000 volts and he died on-the-spot. This happened in Tacloban, Leyte. His head, hands, stomach, and legs were badly burned. There was a big hole in his stomach that looked like it has been shot by a shotgun caused by the massive electric current that coursed through his body.

He testifies that upon his death, he went to heaven and he saw the Lord Jesus Christ. He fell on his knees before the Lord and asked His forgiveness. Weeping, he begged the Lord to let him go back. In response, the Lord squeezed his heart and he wept the more. But he pleaded with Him, reasoning out that his death would not give glory to God considering that his loved ones were still unsaved. And the Lord Jesus had mercy upon him and He let him go back.

When his spirit entered his lifeless body in the hospital, the doctors were preparing to bring him to the morgue. But he opened his eyes and at the same time, he shouted Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! three times to the doctors’ and nurses’ utter astonishment. They were so startled that their initial reaction was to run away from him. And they shouted, “Ang patay nabuhay!” (The dead lives!)

One doctor started questioning him to ascertain his mental state. The doctor said that a person who has been massively electrocuted and died for several minutes often sustains brain damage. But Bro. Arvin was able to answer all the questions correctly proving that he was mentally well.

The doctors couldn’t help saying that it was a miracle that he was alive. He was given medicines but he refused to take them, declaring that God alone would heal him, and he fasted instead. The doctors were exasperated at this so they made him sign a waiver. After only three days in the hospital, and in which he also spent fasting, he was discharged.

He left the hospital unable to walk. While he recuperated at home in a wheelchair, unable to move his legs and hands, he prayed and wept to the Lord, begging Him to heal him and make him stand and walk again. After two weeks, he received answer to his prayers and he regained the use of his legs.

Everyday, he washed and cleaned his open wounds with only water and alcohol, and covered them with fresh bandage. Looking at him suffer from his wounds, Bro. Arvin’s father told him that if he were the one in his place, he would rather die. But Bro. Arvin continued to humble himself before the Lord and completely trust in Him, praying and crying out to Him to heal his wounds.

A sister-in-Christ advised him to pour coconut oil into his wounds and he did. One Sunday afternoon while walking home after attending worship service, he felt stinging pain in his wounds. When he looked, maggots had swarmed his wounds and they were eating up his flesh. He wept helplessly and wanted to run to escape all the suffering, but he couldn’t, for he had not fully recovered his strength.

He bravely poured alcohol liberally into his wounds while shouting praises to God, and the maggots were killed by it, and he picked them one by one.

His mother advised him to bathe in the sea so that his wounds would dry up, and he did. But afterwards, sand filled his wounds and it took two months to completely remove it.

In all his suffering, Bro. Arvin remained faithful to the Lord, praying, fasting, praising, and attending worship services regularly. He believed and completely trusted that the Lord Jesus would turn his suffering into rejoicing and a glorious testimony of God’s power and great mercy.

After 7 months, Bro. Arvin received total healing of his wounds and complete recovery of his strength, and God blessed him with a good job that he had desired and fervently prayed for.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru


God Raised Her Son

Sis. Alona Giducos testifying at the pulpit during the JMCIM 36th Church Anniversary, Feb. 13, 2011

In 1995, Sis. Alona Giducos was desperate. She had separated from her husband and she and her husband had divided their four children equally between them. She didn’t want it to end up like that, but there wasn’t anything she could do to save their marriage. Her husband was a drug addict and a drunkard.

She was so unhappy with her life, terribly missing her two children that were with her husband. Together with her two children that were with her, she decided to go home to Olongapo City to her mother’s house.

There she learned that her mother had been saved. Her mother had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life and was faithfully serving Him. She shared the Gospel to Sis. Alona and invited her to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

Sis. Alona was desperately looking for peace in her life, she hoped that this would be the answer to her prayers. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life as her Lord and Savior and later on, was baptized in water in His name.

Immediately, Sis. Alona received the precious peace that she had been desiring. After a month of fervently attending worship services, she and her husband reconciled and their family was restored. Her husband’s life was changed completely and their whole family began to serve the Lord faithfully.

The following year, Sis. Alona conceived and gave birth to their fifth child, a son she named Isaac. She didn’t know then that God would use this child to show her His great miracles.

A month after baby Isaac turned one-year-old, he got sick of measles. Having had no vaccine, the baby suffered from the illness greatly. For three weeks he had fever and convulsions. Sis. Alona prayed hard everyday, laying her hands on him every after praise and prayer, but the child wasn’t getting better.

One day after prayer, Sis. Alona decided to bring her child to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. The doctors there acted quickly to save Isaac, for his eyes had rolled back in his head and he was unmoving. They tried hard to revive him, but he didn’t make any movement or showed any reaction.

Sis. Alona prayed and surendered everything to the Lord. She vowed that she would continue to serve Him faithfully no matter what happens to her son. It was then that her child made a movement and began to breathe normally.

Because of this, the doctors in the hospital, and even the janitors, called Isaac a “miracle baby”, for so he really was.

But after several neurological tests, the doctors found out that Isaac had sustained severe brain damage due to his prolonged fever. Because of this, he became blind (totally no vision), deaf (and mute because of this) and lame. He became a vegetable. He also forgot how to suck his milk bottle. He was fed in the hospital via a feeding tube.

Sis. Alona didn’t know what to do, she was crying in helplessness. (During all this time, her beloved husband and their other four grown children continued to serve the Lord, diligently attending services and praying and begging Him to heal Isaac).

Sis. Alona remembered all the teachings of the beloved Honorable Pastor, Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda, to have FULL FAITH in the Lord and never doubt. The following mid-week service, she attended service and brought with her a picture of Isaac. She approached the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda and he prayed over Isaac’s picture.

The next day, while she was praying beside Isaac’s bed in the hospital, she heard a voice say, “Your sons’ brain damage has been healed.”

And so it was, that Isaac began to respond and to feed on his milk bottle. When they left the hospital, he was still blind, deaf and lame, but it didn’t take long and he gradually turned back to normal and fully recovered – his vision, speech, hearing and walking.

When Isaac was a little older, he joined the Children’s Choir and sang for the Lord for many years. Now he’s fifteen-years-old and has no traces of his childhood illness whatsoever.

Sis. Alona and her whole family continue to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

Great Electrocution Miracle: The Testimony of Bro. Nilo Santiago

Bro. Nilo Santiago at the Friday overnight worship service at Amoranto Stadium, October 2010.

(This testimony is based on the accounts of Bro. Nilo Santiago and his co-pastoral workers who were with him when the accident happened).

One night in November (or towards the end of October)* 2006, Bro. Nilo, a faithful and humble worker of Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, together with his co-pastoral workers, was on the last leg of hanging streamers for an upcoming crusade in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija (Philippines). Bro. Nilo climbed up the ladder to hang a streamer in an eletric post. While he was tying the rope, his arm touched a high-tension wire, and at once, he was sucked by a very strong current. He immediately felt weak and before he lost consciousness, he was able to shout “Halleluia! Praise the Lord!”

His body was ablazed, then it got caught in an electric cable. His burning body stiffly hung on the cable. His co-workers tried to remove him from there using the tip of the ladder, but he was stuck in the cable.

Bro. Nilo thought that he was dead, but suddenly, he felt a hand lifting him and extricating him from the cable. He really felt he was floating. Then he felt that he was falling to the ground slowly and ever so carefully. He described himself like a “falling leaf.”

When he reached the ground, he was still burning. He vomited blood and convulsed like a dying man. His co-workers were sure he was dead. But not losing faith, they gathered around him and prayed over him. Bro. Nilo came to life and tried to utter thanksgiving and praise to the Lord but no words came out of his lips. He motioned that he wanted to be brought back to the pastoral house (in Nueva Ecija).

(His co-pastoral workers testified that the electric power in that whole barangay went out while Bro. Nilo hung in the cable, and so it was very dark. But Bro. Nilo insisted that he could sense a bright light around him while he was falling).

Back in the pastoral house, his co-workers convinced him that they bring him to the hospital if only to have his wounds cleaned. (Bro. Nilo’s whole back, arms and thighs were severely burned. We were in the Gapan Crusade and I saw pictures of his wounds taken a few days after the accident happened. His back looked like skinned “longganiza”, raw and really bad). His co-workers managed to convince him to go to the hospital. (Bro. Nilo is a faithful servant and he wanted to trust in God to heal him).

The first hospital that they went to didn’t want to admit him because his burns were really critical. They went to another hospital and there the doctors wanted to confine him and treat him. The doctors said that if he wasn’t treated, he could become paralyzed. But Bro. Nilo refused to be confined and only wanted his wounds to be cleaned. So after this they left.

For three days, Bro. Nilo couldn’t sleep due to the excruciating pain from his wounds. (The only treatment he had was an anti-bacterial ointment that his co-pastoral workers applied on his burns). One night, while he was lying on his stomach, trying to sleep, he saw a very bright light coming from above and shining on him. While the light stayed on him, he felt something happening on his back. He knew then that the Lord Jesus was touching him and healing him.

Bro. Nilo Santiago showing his healed burned back during the Gapan Crusade, November 2006.

After this, the pain was completely gone and he felt strong and was able to walk. His wounds began to heal speedily. He resumed his painting jobs for the crusade (Bro. Nilo is a gifted artist). After two weeks, he obtained full recovery and testified during the crusade and showed his healed wounds.

Bro. Nilo continues to serve the Lord ever so faithfully in JMCIM as a pastoral worker.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru

*(The crusade in Gapan City was in November 2006 – I can’t remember the exact dates now. The accident happened two weeks before the crusade).