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Healed of Gallstones: The Amazing Testimony of Bro. Lito Sandigan

In 1999, Bro. Lito was very sick. He had gallstones which made him suffer, groaning in pain while in bed all day long. He had fevers that didn’t go away and whenever he attempted to eat even just two spoonfuls of food, he would vomit it all with accompanying blood.

He was brought to the hospital and was confined there for three weeks. The other patients in the ward with him complained because of his incessant, noisy groaning and screaming in pain. The doctors said that he couldn’t be treated with medicines anymore. He needed immediate surgery. His bile was all swollen and surrounded with sandy material. It would explode anytime, poisoning his bloodstream which could cause his death.

He and his beloved wife were advised to prepare a large sum of money for the surgery as they left the hospital temporarily to try to come up with the needed amount.

But back in their house, Bro. Lito found out that they almost had nothing left. No more furniture or appliances to sell or pawn as his wife had already done that while he was confined in the hospital. His beloved wife went everywhere trying to borrow money but to no avail. In fact, there was absolutely no money for food for the family. Their neighbors just gave food to their children for them to be able to eat.

Bro. Lito told her beloved wife that they were going to his kumpare (a godfather friend) where they pawned their refrigerator and ask him to just buy it for additional funds. But when they arrived at his friend’s house, Bro. Lito was surprised to find him changed. They used to drink together, but now, the friend was converted and became a Christ follower. His friend invited them to the worship service of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, testifying of God’s healing miracles and power to change a person.

That night, being a Friday, was the overnight prayer meeting at Cuneta Astrodome. Bro. Lito prepared to go and attend the worship service as advised by his friend. He was accompanied by his eldest child.

When they left the house, he needed to be assisted in walking as he had become very weak and thin and the pain was excruciating.

They arrived at the worship service during the congregational singing of solemn songs. Everyone was singing and worshiping God intently and Bro. Lito was amazed, wondering if he would become better. But the Lord Jesus touched his heart and he wept and wept.

At the end off the service, Bro. Lito received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized in water in his name. When he was out of the water and was investigating his body, checking what he felt, a man in white approached him and pronounced to him, “Brother, you have been healed of your disease.” When Bro. Lito looked, the man was gone.

When they went home after the service, he walked without any assistance and he didn’t feel any pain anymore. Back in their house, he walked in front of his beloved wife, showing her that he was instantly healed and felt strong already. He was given food and he was able to eat it all without vomiting.

But around 6 o’clock that evening, Bro. Lito felt something hot and a searing pain in his belly, and when he went to the toilet to urinate, his urine was bloody. The joy that they felt earlier was replaced with sadness. After two hours, Bro. Lito felt the same thing again, so he urinated into a chamber pot and examined his urine. It was all blood with a greenish liquid.

His beloved wife was given wisdom from above and blurted out, “You have, indeed, been healed of your disease! The Lord has cleansed you of it!”

From that moment on, Bro. Lito was completely healed through the first prayers of our dearly beloved Hom. Pastor Wilde Almeda! Without any surgery, he was healed of his gallstones and it never came back ever since.

It has been 21 years since that healing miracle and their family was blessed abundantly as they continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ fervently and faithfully to this day.

All praise, honor, glory and thanksgiving to our Lord God Almighty alone, our dearest Lord Jesus!

~ written by Sis. Rina R. Peru


Miraculous Healing from Gallstones

Bro. Rommel Domantay testifying in the pulpit, December, 2013, Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils.

Bro. Rommel Domantay testifying in the pulpit, December, 2013, Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils.

Bro. Rommel Domantay was saved years ago through the healing and salvation of her beloved mother who was suffering from kidney disease. Their family had spent a lot on numerous hospitalizations and medications for his mother hoping she would be cured. But they were disappointed; they did not receive the healing that they were looking for.

One day, a sounding team for a spiritual and healing crusade by the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY passed by their place in Pangasinan. They were invited to the crusade and Bro. Rommel’s mother was more than eager to go. As soon as his mother entered the gate to the crusade, she felt like she was doused all over with very cold water. They told her it was the presence of the Holy Spirit welcoming her. During that crusade, Bro. Rommel’s ailing mother received healing instantly and miraculously in the name of Jesus!

Then two years ago, Bro. Rommel himself fell ill. He was diagnosed to have gallbladder stones. He lost his appetite and began to lose weight. When he had gallbladder attack, he writhed in pain and was unable to eat or drink. Three hospitals and three specialists that he went to pronounced the same finding and opinion: Bro. Rommel needed an immediate surgery. He had three large gallstones and they had scattered in his gallbladder. Bro. Rommel was desperate but he held on to his faith that the Lord Jesus Christ would heal him, just as he had witnessed her beloved mother miraculously healed.

He went to the fasting house to offer prayer with fasting. While there, he was counselled by a preacher to extend his fasting to 10 days. By the grace of God, Bro. Rommel submitted himself to 10-day fasting, and at the end of it, he received the healing he desperately sought for. His gallstones dissolved and disappeared miraculously without surgery or medication.

“However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (Mat. 17:21)

The power of prayer with fasting has not waned through the ages. Even in this ultra-modern world, when a Christ believer and follower in JMCIM has a strong faith to be healed in Jesus’ name and through the prayers of the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde Almeda – he or she will receive the healing he or she seeks for!

Halleluiah! To God be all the glory!

For more information on Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, click here. To watch live webcast of worship services on Sundays and Friday overnight with replays on weekdays, click here. For prayer and counselling, call (632) 4193019.

God bless us all!

~ Rina R. Peru

Healing Miracles and Deliverance: Testimony of Bro. Boy Manguera

Bro. Boy Manguera testifying during JMCIM Sunday service at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils., Oct. 2011.

Brother Boy Manguera, a preacher of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, was in tears as he thanked and exalted the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in his latest testimony. He was weeping in awe, amazement, and deep gratitude as he related the recent miracle that happened to him.

At dawn of Monday (October 3), just after the victorious celebration of the 11th Mindanao Peace Mission Anniversary and Thanksgiving Crusade, Bro. Boy, together with the other preachers from around the country, was sitting on a chair inside our beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda’s tent on the stage of the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta.

Then without minding his surroundings, Bro. Boy leaned back not knowing that the place where he was sitting had no barrier except a curtain, and so suddenly, he was on a free-fall. He fell backwards from a height of more or less ten feet and landed on the concrete floor head first.

He testifies that although the impact was so strong, he didn’t feel anything. He sustained a large gash on his head from which copious amount of blood spurted. But all the preachers did not delay in rushing to where he was lying and all-together prayed in faith with power and authority. After the prayer, the flow of blood instantly stopped and Bro. Boy was brought to a clinic where his wound was sewed up. Miraculously, he was well after his horrifying fall. Halleluiah!  

Bro. Boy used to live in depravity, going out with evildoers and wallowing in vices. Because of this, he acquired sicknesses and diseases such as weak lungs and acute ulcer. He had no hope of a new life, but one day in 1986, he found the Lord Jesus Christ in a crusade of the Jesus Miracle Crusade Int’l. Ministry. That day, he received the Lord Jesus in his life as his Lord and Savior, was baptized in water in His name, and surrendered his life to Him.

His life was completely changed and all his diseases were healed. He became a preacher of the Church, and together with his whole family and relatives  who were also saved later, pioneered the outreach in Lemery, Batangas. Their hard, miserable life before was blessed abundantly by the Lord.

In 2007, Bro. Boy’s faith was tested when he became sick of gallstones. He could no longer eat and so, he lost a lot of weight. He also couldn’t sleep for almost three months. The doctor who diagnosed him prescribed many medicines that he must take daily and advised that he must undergo immediate surgery. He was warned that if he wasn’t operated on immediately, he might die in just four months or become comatose.

But Bro. Boy refused surgery and also didn’t buy any of the medicines. He knew that his sickness was just “a reminder” from the Lord for he had been contemplating giving up preaching. He knew his plan wasn’t the will of God.

He sought counsel from the house of our beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda and he was told that he was called to preach and should never turn his back from God’s holy calling. Right then and there, Bro. Boy vowed to the Lord that he would go back to preach the Gospel with boldness. Instantly, he felt relief and was able to eat well and sleep soundly. He obtained complete healing without surgery or medicines!

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

To my beloved brethren-in-Christ, I included the recorded Tagalog testimony of Bro. Boy Manguera below. I pray that you will share it with others also.

[audio:http://ministerofmercy.blog.com/files/2011/10/03-Track-3.mp3|titles=03 Track 3]

God bless us all!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

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