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Miracle in the Life of Bro. Roden Roy


Sister Tacing Roy testifying in the pulpit during Friday overnight worship service, April 2013 at the Amoranto Stadium.

Sis. Tacing Roy, who is fondly called by those who are close to her “Nanay Tacing” (Mommy Tacing), is the beloved mother of Bro. Roden Roy. She had seen the great healing miracle of the Lord in her life when, dying and her funeral all prepared because of an illness in her inner ear that specialists couldn’t cure, she was raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ when she was brought to the worship service of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. She had no hope then being tortured by the pain and discomfort her disease brought. The doctors here and in Canada (when she travelled there with her husband seeking healing) had given up on her. Her inner ear was rotting and she was also a victim of witchcraft which made her days and nights pure torment.

But she was miraculously healed by the Lord and freed from the evil works of witchcraft. She gained a kind of faith so strong that nothing and no one could deter her no matter the circumstance.

That’s what happened in late 90s when her beloved son Roden’s appendix ruptured. The doctor was shocked by her decision to bring home her very sick son and just pray for his miraculous healing at home. Bro. Roden needed an emergency surgery to close up his ruptured appendix but his mother chose to fully trust in God’s miracle – without surgery. And so, at home, Nanay Tacing prayed agonizingly and fasted for the healing of her son. Bro. Roden miraculously recovered and was well for a year.

But in 1997, a year after his appendix was ruptured, his stomach bulged until it looked like he was 8 months pregnant. This time, he was brought to the hospital to be checked. He was immediately brought to the OR for an emergency surgery to which Nanay Tacing was then powerless to stop. The doctors said it might take 3 hours. But 3 hours turned to 5 and 5 turned to 7. Nanay Tacing resisted the urge to worry and lose faith. She was on her knees begging for God to let her son live all the time he was in the operating room.

The procedure ended at 2:30 in the morning. The doctors though very tired were so thrilled to talk about the miracle they just witnessed. They said that it was just not possible that a person would live after an untreated ruptured appendix. They were so shocked to see Bro. Roden’s condition: a big clump of rotten flesh, puss, and blood had infected his stomach and intestines. They needed to bring out his intestines and clean them that’s why it took them 7 hours!

They considered it a great miracle that a person lived in that state for a year calling Bro. Roden a miracle boy. Doctors from other hospitals came to St. Luke’s Medical Center to interview him and have their pictures taken with him. They said it was the first time in all of  the medical history of the country for such a thing to happen! Nanay Tacing proudly confessed her miracle-working God and they praised Him for what He’s done.

Their bills ballooned to around P200,000 but Nanay Tacing prayed and begged God to help them since they didn’t have that amount of money. No, not even near it. In the end, they only paid over a thousand pesos. Another miracle.

And through all this, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ was exalted and glorified.

But the doctors warned Bro. Roden that it was possible that his intestines will clump up again in the future, but Nanay Tacing trusted in God that that won’t happen. But in mid-April 2013, Bro. Roden’s stomach swelled again and he was brought to the same hospital. He was treated and the miracle was, while he recuperated from this second surgery, he met the families of two patients: one was a stage 4 leukaemia, a mother; the other one was stage 4 breast cancer.

After Friday overnight worship service, Nanay Tacing went straight to the hospital and found Bro. Roden her son waiting up for her. He told her about the two desperate patients that he had talked to. Without any hesitation and though Nanay Tacing was very sleepy from the all-night service, she rushed to the rooms of the patients accompanied by her son. There, she shared the Gospel and her testimonies. She made them receive the Lord Jesus Christ and prayed over them and assured them that they could receive God’s miraculous healing, too, when they surrender their lives to Him. The families promised to attend JMCIM worship service once they are out of the hospital.

So, that was what the divine purpose of the presence of Nanay Tacing and her beloved son Roden in St. Luke’s Medical Center this second time. And when it was time to pay their bills which reached P80,000, Nanay Tacing prayed again. She only had P1000 in her wallet. And the Lord performed a miracle on her behalf once again. The hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, was forced to bill them for only P1000.

Hallelujah! To God be all the glory!

~ Sis. Rina R. Peru


A Whole New Life

Sis. Baby Manzano at JMCIM worship service, Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils.

In 1989, Sister Baby Manzano was dying of  leukaemia. The doctors in Manila had finally given up hope that she would ever be cured, giving her barely two months to live. With this grim prognosis, Sister Baby and her husband sailed to her home in Mindanao, where she would be with her family as she faced the certainty of death. She was very ill and weak, unable to leave her sickbed.

One night, while she was waiting for sleep to come, her eyes caught something in the national newspaper that was placed near her bed. It was a healing crusade by JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. She saw the picture of its leader, one Evangelist Wilde Almeda. She read that through his prayers, sicknesses and diseases are healed in the name of Jesus. At that instant, she felt that her body regained strength, and hope was rekindled in her soul.

The days that followed, she excitedly planned to travel back to Manila to attend the crusade. She told her family about it, insisting that they travel immediately. Her loved ones were both surprised and worried. They were worried that she wouldn’t be able to survive the trip, being so weak and ill. But she wouldn’t hear any of it. She was determined to go, firmly believing that she would receive healing in that crusade.

Sister Baby and some family members sailed back to Manila. The day after they arrived, she asked her husband to find where the crusade was being held. ( Unfortunately, they forgot to bring the newspaper with them and she has also forgotten the details of the invitation. She only remembered the church logo and the face of the evangelist). Her husband, not knowing where to go, simply rode a bus and tried to look at all directions as the bus traveled. He thought that her wife was too sick she no longer knew what she was talking about. But if it made her happy, he would listen to her and do what she was asking him to do. He thought that his wife had very little time to live and he didn’t have the heart to refuse her simple request.

In the evening, her husband went home without any news. Her wife couldn’t stay long in bed anymore without taking action. The next day, she was determined to go with her husband to search for  the crusade. Her husband was very concerned about her, thinking that she might faint along the way.

In the bus, Sister Baby saw somebody that she thought might know where the crusade was. She could only see his back. He was big and had long hair, was wearing white from top to bottom, and carrying a Bible. When this man got off from the bus, Sister Baby scampered behind, followed by her husband wanting to assist her. The man was walking fast, never looking behind. Sister Baby was determined not to lose sight of him. Her husband, not seeing anybody except his wife, wondered why his wife seemed to know where she was going and why she didn’t choose to walk on the path,  but walked through the shrubs. He was wondering, too, where his wife was getting all that strength, walking without assistance.

Suddenly, Sister Baby stopped walking. They had reached their destination. When she looked up, the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry logo that she saw in the newspaper greeted her. She was standing right in front of Quirino Grandstand in Luneta Park. She turned around to thank the man that directed them to that place, but he was nowhere to be seen. She asked her husband if she saw where he went, but her husband told her he never saw anyone. He wasn’t even aware that a man was with them all along!

That night, Sister Baby was prayed for by the Beloved and Honorable Pastor Wilde E. Almeda. Instantly, she received healing. It has been almost 22 years since this miracle happened. And Sister Baby and her husband, who became a preacher of the church, together with their children, continue to serve the Lord faithfully and steadfastly to this day.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

(Author’s note: This was taken from “Living Testimonies”, Chapter 14 of my book Walking Along the Narrow Path: A Story of Redemption, Healing and Restoration copyright 2009 by Rina R. Peru)

Sis. Rina R. Peru

A Prayer and A Healing

Sis. Marife Doldolea in her Adults Choir Wednesday uniform in Amoranto Stadium. (Photo taken in 2010).

In the early 1990s, Sis. Marife Doldolea was a pastor in another church. But though she preached healing, she herself wasn’t healed of her leukemia. Every week, she had to undergo blood transfusion. But later on, her body rejected it, for she would urinate blood after transfusion.

To add to her suffering, around 1994, Sis. Marife was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent surgery three times to remove diseased portions of her intestines. She called it “cut-and-connect” operation. But despite the surgeries, her intestines were inflammed, her stomach was bloated, and her wound refused to heal. She didn’t undergo chemotherapy.

Sis. Marife became bed-ridden. The pain from her bloated stomach was too much for her to bear that she would request a new blade and open up her wound herself to let out the puss.

One day, feeling so sick and hopeless, she prayed, “Lord God, if You still have a plan for my life, please heal me so I could carry out Your plan.” Then she heard a voice say, “Child, you go to JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. There you’ll be healed.” Sis. Marife thought for a moment, “This is the church I used to persecute.”

But Sis. Marife obeyed the voice and went anyway. Lying on a cot, she was brought to the crusade of JMCIM at the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. 

When the Jesus Finest Generation Choir sang “The Lord’s Prayer”, she did her best to raise both hands and with eyes tightly closed, she joined in singing. She felt two big hands held her upraised hands. Then she felt that she was slowly raised from her cot, so she opened her eyes and looked, but only saw the people praising and worshiping. Again, she closed her eyes and continued to sing, and again, she felt herself being raised from her bed. She could feel that she was really floating and she felt good. When she dared open her eyes again, she only saw clouds!

After the singing of the Finest Choir, Sis. Marife was relieved of her pains and her bloated stomach returned to normal. That night, she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She wasn’t baptized in water yet for her wound was still very fresh.

Later on after Sis. Marife was baptized in water in Jesus’ name, she instantly received complete healing of her colon cancer and leukemia. She surrendered her life fully to the Lord and has been serving Him faithfully to this day. She sings in the Adults Choir and ministers in Bible Study groups and in JMCIM jail ministry.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru