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Double Miracle: The Testimony of Bro. Jao Apostol Part 1

Brother Jao Apostol testifying in the pulpit on a JMCIM Sunday service at Amoranto Stadium, Q.C.

One would listen to Bro. Jao Apostol’s testimony and one would marvel at the abundance of miracles in his life. I heard his testimony again last October 7 when the Church gathered to worship and celebrate the 12th anniversary of the victorious Mindanao Peace Mission and I knew I had to write it.

Bro. Jao grew up in the Visayas where he was a sacristan (altar boy) in one of the big Catholic churches there. Though he worked in church every Sunday, this didn’t shape or train him into a godly person, but rather the exact opposite. He grew up learning all kinds of vices until the time came that he was accused in a double murder. Bro. Jao was so afraid he fled to Manila.

In Manila, he allied with other ruffians and got involved in transport robberies, hold-up robberies, drug pushing, and other crimes. He would loiter in Luneta Park together with his friends waiting for someone to victimize. In one of these instances, since the crusades of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY were often held at the Quirino Grandstand in those days, a brother in Christ approached him and shared with him the Gospel. According to Bro. Jao’s testimony, this brother shared his testimony, how he was changed by the Lord and delivered him from all his vices and addictions, as tears streamed down his face. Bro. Jao’s hard heart was pried open and he went with the brother who invited him.

Bro. Jao received the Lord Jesus Christ, was baptized in water in His name, and began to serve Him faithfully. He was completely changed by God. He started to work decently. He became a pedicab driver along Agham Road in Quezon City. But the police apparently didn’t know that Bro. Jao was a changed man. He had been closely monitored by them and one day, he and one of his companions were picked up by the police and brought to a deserted place somewhere in Fairview. When they had walked a far distance from the road, being obliterated by tall talahib grass, they were told to get down on their knees. They were to be annihilated.

The two men aimed at Bro. Jao’s companion and without much fuss, they shot him in the head and he was killed instantly. While this was happening, Bro. Jao abandoned himself to the mercy of God. He had prayed silently and when it was his turn, the guns of the two men didn’t fire. They did it again and again to no avail. Suddenly, they were gripped with so much terror that they fled, running in great fear. And thus, Bro. Jao was delivered from their hands.

Another one of his testimonies was about the healing of his child. His child got sick of pneumonia. It became so serious that he brought him to the hospital, to East Avenue Medical Center, upon the urging of his unsaved loved ones. But while his child was in the hospital, Bro. Jao needed to attend Friday overnight worship service. After the service, he went back to the hospital. He was met by his sister-in-law who was so fraught, accusing him of leaving his dying child.

Then the doctors also approached him, informing him that his child had been dead for 10 hours. But Bro. Jao told them his child was only asleep and he would be raised up by the Lord Jesus. He ran to his child, prayed agonizingly, then laid his hand on him and cast out the demon of death. His child breathed and came to life again, and recovered from his illness.

These are just two of Bro. Jao’s amazing testimonies. I hope to be able to write more of them in the coming days.

Halleluaih! To God be all the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru


Robbery Miracle: The Testimony of Sister Tarciana Sibayan

Sister Tarciana Sibayan at JMCIM worship venue at the Amoranto Stadium, Quezon Phils. (February 2012)

There is a Bible verse that our Church, JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, holds onto like a fool-proof weapon far more powerful than any man-made ones. Many of the beloved brethren from the earlier years of JMCIM up to the present have completely believed and trusted in this verse literally, every word of it.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. (Is. 54:17)

I swear by God that in the almost-nine years that I have been serving the Lord in JMCIM, I have heard enough testimonies of brethren being saved by God from firearms, knives and other deadly weapons that could astound many believers around the world if they were all written and shared. There are many, I assure you, and the ones that stand above the rest are the testimonies of our beloved Hon. Pastor Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda and the twelve prayer warriors when they went up to the mountains of Talipao, Jolo, Sulu in the island of Mindanao and entered the camp of the Abu Sayyaf. You can read the whole story of the victorious peace mission here.

What I’m going to share to you now is the mighty deliverance of God in an ordinary day that He wrought to an ordinary believer.

Sister Tarciana and her family used to be very poor – no food, no home. When they received the Lord Jesus Christ and served Him faithfully in the ministry of Jesus Miracle Crusade, the Lord prospered them. He gave them a business from which they get their livelihood. Sis. Tarciana gives her tithes and love offering diligently and the Lord increased their business more. It is a “variety store” where they also serve cooked food. Variety stores or in our native tongue, Sari-sari stores with carinderia (canteen) on the side are a very popular kind of small business among Filipinos.

At dawn a few weeks ago, Sis. Tarciana and two of her store helpers were opening the store and putting merchandise outside. Suddenly, a motorcycle with three riders stopped in front of the store. Two of the three men quickly entered the store while Sis. Tarciana, knowing their evil plan, ran to the cash drawer. There, one of the men pointed a gun to her face but Sis. Tarciana shouted Halleluiah! with all her might. Because of this, the man wrenched Sis. Tarciana’s mouth and then put the gun inside her mouth but Sis. Tarciana was quick to push it away and again shouted Halleluiah! with all her might. The man shot her on the face but the gun didn’t fire. Nothing.

He then motioned his companion to be the one to shoot her which he did three times on her face but – nothing. There were just three clicks. The gun didn’t fire.

“Who are we that God would protect us so mightily? I didn’t have any weapon except my voice. My voice that was desperately calling to God for help. Thank you, Lord!” Sis. Tarciana sobbed uncontrollably in the pulpit.

Her two children came out and her 10-year old son shouted, “Mama! Hallelluiah!” He saw everything that happened. He heard how the gun clicked three times and his beloved mother was unhurt.

The two robbers panicked as they tried to amass as many change as they could from the drawer. Then they again pointed the gun at her, but Sis. Tarciana, emboldened now, held down their hands and again shouted Halleluiah! as loud as she could. The two robbers, in panic and visibly shaking, ran out of the store and escaped in their motorcycle.

The place where Sis. Tarciana keeps the bills and her cell phones was untouched. The robbers didn’t see it.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru