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Healed of Colon Cancer: Testimony of Sis. Jodie Mancera

Sis. Jodie Mancera at JMCIM Worship Service, Amoranto Stadium, Oct. 2011

In December 1994, just two weeks after Sister Jodie Mancera delivered her second child via CS, she was operated twice due to infected intestines. But even after her last confinement and surgery, her situation did not improve. She suffered from fevers, intense stomach pains day and night, and couldn’t move out bowel. Within weeks, she was again back to the hospital. From December 1994 to June 1995, she had had four major surgeries.

On her fourth surgery, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Around this time, her beloved husband, Brother Joey Mancera, was already converted and was serving the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully in JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

According to Bro. Joey’s testimony, sometime between his bel. wife’s second or third surgery, he was so distraught about their situation – financially, emotionally, and spiritually – that he sank on his knees on the floor and cried out to God. He prayed and asked God where he must go to seek His face. He testifies that after his earnest prayer, he heard a voice – cool and powerful, and sounded like that of waterfalls. The voice told him to worship God in spirit and in truth in Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, that there, he will find the true pastor that will feed him with knowledge and understanding, and where God’s power is manifested. The voice further said that He abhors worship of graven images and idols.

Without wasting time, Bro. Joey attended the worship service of JMCIM and received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and baptism in water in Jesus’ name. Instantly, he received healing of all his diseases – enlargement of the heart, ulcer, and hypertension. He was also completely changed. He forsook his vices such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Even before Sis. Jodie’s fourth surgery, Bro. Joey was already trying to share the Gospel to her and the many amazing testimonies of God’s healing in the Church, but Sis. Jodie was hardhearted and instead, openly persecuted the Church.

While sick and weak in the hospital after her fourth surgery, Sis. Jodie remained unchanged in her belief and told her bel. husband that she would get well and fully recover because she had complete medicines. It was at this point that Bro. Joey disclosed to her that according to the doctors, she had only four months to live.

Sis. Jodie continued to suffer from excruciating pain in her stomach. She spent the nights crying in pain. One night, she dreamed that she went to a church where she saw all the graven images and idols fallen on the floor, she was so terrified she ran and ran. Then she saw a door open and the name of JMCIM written inside with the Jesus Finest Generation Choir singing.

Finally, Sis. Jodie surrendered her life to the Lord and after her water baptism, she received complete healing of her disease. This was 16 years ago, and she and her bel. husband continue to serve the Lord faithfully to this day. Bro. Joey became a preacher of the Church.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

~ Sis. Rina Peru


Healing Miracles and Deliverance: Testimony of Bro. Boy Manguera

Bro. Boy Manguera testifying during JMCIM Sunday service at Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Phils., Oct. 2011.

Brother Boy Manguera, a preacher of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, was in tears as he thanked and exalted the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in his latest testimony. He was weeping in awe, amazement, and deep gratitude as he related the recent miracle that happened to him.

At dawn of Monday (October 3), just after the victorious celebration of the 11th Mindanao Peace Mission Anniversary and Thanksgiving Crusade, Bro. Boy, together with the other preachers from around the country, was sitting on a chair inside our beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda’s tent on the stage of the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta.

Then without minding his surroundings, Bro. Boy leaned back not knowing that the place where he was sitting had no barrier except a curtain, and so suddenly, he was on a free-fall. He fell backwards from a height of more or less ten feet and landed on the concrete floor head first.

He testifies that although the impact was so strong, he didn’t feel anything. He sustained a large gash on his head from which copious amount of blood spurted. But all the preachers did not delay in rushing to where he was lying and all-together prayed in faith with power and authority. After the prayer, the flow of blood instantly stopped and Bro. Boy was brought to a clinic where his wound was sewed up. Miraculously, he was well after his horrifying fall. Halleluiah!  

Bro. Boy used to live in depravity, going out with evildoers and wallowing in vices. Because of this, he acquired sicknesses and diseases such as weak lungs and acute ulcer. He had no hope of a new life, but one day in 1986, he found the Lord Jesus Christ in a crusade of the Jesus Miracle Crusade Int’l. Ministry. That day, he received the Lord Jesus in his life as his Lord and Savior, was baptized in water in His name, and surrendered his life to Him.

His life was completely changed and all his diseases were healed. He became a preacher of the Church, and together with his whole family and relatives  who were also saved later, pioneered the outreach in Lemery, Batangas. Their hard, miserable life before was blessed abundantly by the Lord.

In 2007, Bro. Boy’s faith was tested when he became sick of gallstones. He could no longer eat and so, he lost a lot of weight. He also couldn’t sleep for almost three months. The doctor who diagnosed him prescribed many medicines that he must take daily and advised that he must undergo immediate surgery. He was warned that if he wasn’t operated on immediately, he might die in just four months or become comatose.

But Bro. Boy refused surgery and also didn’t buy any of the medicines. He knew that his sickness was just “a reminder” from the Lord for he had been contemplating giving up preaching. He knew his plan wasn’t the will of God.

He sought counsel from the house of our beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda and he was told that he was called to preach and should never turn his back from God’s holy calling. Right then and there, Bro. Boy vowed to the Lord that he would go back to preach the Gospel with boldness. Instantly, he felt relief and was able to eat well and sleep soundly. He obtained complete healing without surgery or medicines!

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

To my beloved brethren-in-Christ, I included the recorded Tagalog testimony of Bro. Boy Manguera below. I pray that you will share it with others also.

[audio:http://ministerofmercy.blog.com/files/2011/10/03-Track-3.mp3|titles=03 Track 3]

God bless us all!

~ Sis. Rina Peru

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A Restored Life: The Testimony of Bro. Eric Fajardo

Bro. SPO1 Eric Fajardo at the JMCIM worship service, Amoranto Stadium, April, 2011.

Before he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, Brother SPO1 Eric Fajardo was a corrupt policeman. He testifies that he was involved in all kinds of evil deeds. He put up many kinds of gambling in their town, including jueteng and cockfighting. His townmates were too afraid and powerless to stop him, for he was, indeed, very powerful in their place. He also indulged in many worldly pleasures and lived like there was no end to his luck.

But one day, tragedy struck. He was invited to a town celebration where he was the guest of honor. He wanted his family to witness this important event so he brought along his wife and child. He thought it was another night of feasting where he would be honored. But before he could set foot on stage, the place was bombed and the crowd was fired at indiscriminately. When the smoke had subsided and Bro. Eric could see clearly, he saw his wife and child sprawled on the ground, blooded and lifeless.

The world came crashing down on him. In one day, the people dearest to him were taken away from him leaving only a deep hatred in his heart and a great desire to exact revenge to the perpetrators.

With fire and determination burning in his soul, he forsook all and traveled to Manila to hunt down the people responsible for the deaths of his family. But while he searched, it was the Lord Jesus that he found, or to put it more accurately, Jesus found him.

Bro. Eric was invited to the worship service of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. He accepted the invitation and gladly went, for while he lusted for revenge, he also desperately wanted peace in his life.

Bro. Eric, lost, hurting, and vengeful, was finally captured by the Lord as he dropped to his knees and humbled himself to Him. For the first time in his life, he worshiped Him in truth and wept unabashedly, tears pouring out freely. He finally felt all the burden, hatred, and grief lifted up. His burning anger at the killers of his wife and child and the deep sorrow he carried were taken away by the merciful Savior and peace slowly crept into his heart. His soul has finally found rest. 

Bro. Eric accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in water in His name.

He forsook all his plans for revenge and began to walk with the Lord and live a new life.

Before this, he also used to suffer from acute stomach ulcer and enlargement of the heart because of his many vices. But when he trusted completely in the Lord and surrendered his life to Him – vowing that he will serve Him all his life – he was totally healed of these diseases.

Later on, he prayed to the Lord to give him a new wife, someone he could spend the rest of his life with. The Lord answered his prayer and also blessed them with a child.

Now, Bro. Eric has a whole new life. He is gladly serving the Lord with his family. God restored all he had lost, and more.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru

Mercifully Healed

Sis. Amy Manalansan at Amoranto Stadium, March 2011.

Over 20 years ago, Sis. Amy Manalansan had surgery in her right kidney. But after this, a lump developed under her arm. Though she took medications for her ailments, she became weaker every day.

Her family decided to sell a property so she could go to Europe and find healing there. So, she traveled to Vatican City, collecting water from the fountain there believing this would heal her. She bathed in the “holy waters” in France, because she had heard that these waters could heal.

After she came back from her travels, bringing with her bottles of “holy water” that she took from those foreign lands, she found out that her disease had spread to her other kidney and needed immediate surgery. The lump under her arm, which did not disappear after her travels, was also removed though surgery.

After the lump was removed, another one developed, and it was bigger than the first. She took medications to dissolve this, but instead, she developed ulcer in the process. When she moved out, there was fresh blood in her stool.

After the two surgeries that she had on her kidneys, her condition did not improve: she still couldn’t urinate normally. With the ulcer that added to her suffering, Sis. Amy developed insomnia. And with this, she also had to take pills to be able to sleep.

With kidneys that weren’t functioning well, a big lump under her arm after the first surgery, ulcer and insomnia – her doctors couldn’t assure her of healing.

One day, just barely two months after her surgery under her arm, she was running a high fever, and she was feeling pain from her kidneys, stomach and armpit all at the same time. No longer able to endure all the pain and suffering, she threw herself on the bedroom floor and begged God to end her life. But she had one last request: that God would show her the true Chruch where she could really know Him and serve Him with the remaining days of her life. She was crying profusely.

After this, she padded to their living room and lay on the couch. Then she heard a whisper telling her to open the TV, which she did without hesitation. The TV program of the JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY came to view. She felt a rush of cold wind enveloped her and she wondered, so she sat and began to listen to the testimonies of healing and lives changed.

She noticed that she was sitting upright for a long time, and felt relief spreading all over her body. Her fever left and all her pains slowly subsided until she couldn’t feel any pain or discomfort anymore.

When the Jesus’ Finest Generation Choir began to sing, she felt like she was floating in her seat. She also saw that the choir seemed to float in the air. She was sobbing uncontrollably all this time. She felt that she had been healed from all her diseases.

In her exceeding gladness, she stood to embrace the TV, wondering what had happened to her.

Sis. Amy received Jesus Christ in her life, was baptized in water in His name and served Him faithfully in JMCIM, and continue to do so to this day. It has been 20 years that she received complete healing of all her diseases and had not tasted a single medicine ever since.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina Peru

Second Chance: Healed of Brain Cancer


Bro. Agustin "Ustin" Lapitan. (Photo taken at JMCIM worship service, Amoranto Stadium, 2010)

In 1978, Bro. Ustin Lapitan, a successful civil foreman working in the government’s Department of Public Works and Highways, suffered many illnesses. Because of the nature of his work, he lived indulging in many vices like alcohol and cigarettes. It was due to these vices that he acquired many diseases from which he suffered much. One is stomach ulcer, that even if he took many medicines, couldn’t be completely cured. He suffered chronic pain and he was in and out of the hospital.

One day, while he and his wife were aboard his wife’s company vehicle, a man flagged them down. They stopped and the man requested if they can bring him to where he lives (apparently, he didn’t have money for transportation). During the ride to the man’s home, it turned out that the man was an evangelist and he didn’t waste time to share the Gospel to Bro. Ustin and his wife. When they reached the evangelist’s house, Bro. Ustin and his wife had been converted. They accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized in His name.

They eagerly embraced their new Church, JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE MINISTRY (or THE JESUS CHURCH), where the evangelist was the Pastor – beloved evangelist Pastor Wilde E. Almeda. Bro. Ustin was prayed for and he immediately received complete healing of all his diseases, and his life was changed. He forsook all his vices and began to live a godly life. ( Bro. Ustin testifies that during those days, there were only a few members since it was the Church’s pioneering years, but the moving of the Holy Spirit was so powerful they were always filled by it every time they gathered together). Later on, he became a preacher of the Church.

In 1987, despite being used by the Church as preacher and prayer warrior, he desired to work abroad. He asked permission from the beloved pastor and off he went to Saudi Arabia.

After a year of working in Saudi, Bro. Ustin became very ill. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The disease spread rapidly that he became very sick he couldn’t remember who he was and where he came from. The civil engineer of the company he was working for brought him back home to Manila.

Bro. Ustin was so sick he couldn’t recognize anyone. He was brought to the Pastoral House of JMCIM and he was re-baptized. While he was being immersed in water, the workers gathered around praising the Lord. The workers, led by the beloved Pastor, prayed over him. By the great and enduring mercies of the Lord Jesus, he received God’s forgiveness and instant healing.

From then on, Bro. Ustin served the Lord faithfully, serving in the ministry as prayer warrior, praying and fasting, and laying hands on the sick.

Halleluia! To God be the glory!

– Sis. Rina R. Peru